Thursday, November 1, 2007

Can't help but blog

It's one of those things, once you get really into it, you can't stop! I blogged for ages before and then stopped for a while and now I'm back. So hold on to your hats, folks.

Pray tell, why does John have a fever today? He is the strangest child in regard to sickness. Once day, for no apparent reason at all, he'll run a fever. And I'm not talking on of those puny fevers either. Today his temp is running between 102 and 103. He's not complaining of anything else hurting or anything. In fact, he's asked if he can go and play outside several times.

Here's how it happened: He and Ethan were outside playing before school. I called them in for school and they both seemed fine. We got through Bible; all seemed status-quo. Ethan left to go play while John and I started our phonics lesson. Then John started having trouble concentrating, which is sort of out of character for him. It just got worse. Then he was complaining he was cold. Well, today's high is supposed to be 81 or something. With the morning sum beaming hard through the window, he shouldn't have been cold. Like any decent mom, I put two and two together. So we wrapped up school and he's vegetating on the couch. Why he's feverish remains to be seen.

I have been busy beyond words lately: school, Baptist Heritage Conference, church ladies' retreat, a fellowship outing with the ladies at church, I cooked a feast for the family that came to preach the heritage conference, a housewarming in the midst of it all. Don't get me wrong; I'm far from complaining. I love being busy. But it will wear you down quickly!

Upcoming is a youth outing and starting the Christmas skit for the youth kids. Sounds like fun!

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