Friday, December 21, 2007

baby hair bows

I guess this is an off-the-wall thought and maybe isn't worthy of a blog entry. Or maybe, since I updated the other two blogs yesterday, I thought I should update this one too. Who knows. Anyway, Lydia has a ton of beautiful hair. I love putting barrettes in it too. She is 100% girl. I really love those baby boutique-style bows. But they are just mad expensive! I mean, unless the barrettes come 15 in a pack and are under 2 dollars, I don't get them. Boutique bows are usually between 4 and 18 dollars... each. I don't do that.

So, I like crafty things. I wonder if I can learn to make baby hair bows...the boutique kind. It's worth a try, I guess.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Adventure Begins!

Sort of...

Today isn't the first day of school, you can probably gather that by the date of the post. We are, however, very young in our homeschool journey. My oldest is about halfway finished with K4. John is the first to be homeschooled of our kids. Well, I say that but Ethan, who has just turned 3 is being taught also, as his patience and attention span allows. Lydia, who is 10 months old and loves to get into everything, enjoys our Bible curriculum...until her morning nap gets in the way!

I can pretty quickly summarize the year in once sentence: It's been wonderful! We have certainly had our ups and downs. We've been from thrilled to defeated and back again, stopping at all points between. Homeschool is nothing like I'd imagined. It's far more rewarding and far more difficult than I would have ever thought.

We use A Beka Book for our text books in Bible (partly), phonics, writing and numbers. For our Bible curriculum, I sort of use the teacher curriculum as a guide. I was not about to spend 200 dollars to get the entire Bible kit!! We use the activity book and the teacher curriculum, and do well with that. A Beka is very challenging, but certainly achievable for any child. Many of my friends who have homeschooled or taught in Christian private school have made me a believer in A Beka. I'm certianly not saying that I'll always and forever use A Beka, but it will take a lot of convincing to change me.

On to the children...
John began reading sentences last week. The first sentence was "Tom can run." He didn't really put it all together that time, that the sentence was a thought. The second sentence though, "Get the jug." was no problem. You could just see the light turn on! So, thinking on my feet, I got the milk jug out of the refrigerator and asked him to read it again. "Get the jug." I asked, "Can you do that?" Sure enough, he picks it up and hands it to me. I was thrilled.

Numbers is easy-breezy for John and Ethan both. We are so far ahead in this curriculum that I think we'll be finished by March. When we went to The Campus Bookstore (on the PCC campus) I thumbed through the numbers teacher curriculum and knew it would be easy for the kids, but I never thought they would know it ALL! Even at the end when addition is introduced is no problem. Still, we will actually do and finish the book. The challenge is keeping them interested.

I usually try to incorporate something fun into the mix also. Typically it's in the form of a craft. Some of them are the cheap and easy kind. Some are elaborate and complicated. The last one was complicated. At Hobby Lobby, you can buy these craft kits. Very often they will be marked down, even up to 75% off if you look. So last time we were in Pensacola, I picked up these doorknob hangers. John picked up a snowman and Ethan decided on a gingerbread man. They were made of foam. The kind that you usually see in foam letters and numbers for crafts. I noticed that they were adhesive backed, which is right up our alley! Unfortunately, I didn't notice that the joints of the snowman and gingerbread man had to be threaded with a plastic string! John could have probably handled it, but Ethan is definiately not coordinated enough yet. Well, anyone who has mulitple children close in age knows how hard it is to do a craft together. Everyone wants Momma's attention and patience is completely nixed. I thought getting out the hot glue gun would be great. The kids wouldn't mind if the arms and legs on the doorknob hangers didn't move...especially since they didn't know they were supposed to (haha). I should have listened to the motherly voice in the back of my mind saying, "Ethan is too young to be around this hot glue. He's going to get burned." And naturally, he did. Then the baby wakes up from all of Ethan's screaming and carrying on. John, being the sweet child that he is, is trying to see about Ethan. Ethan, being the drama king that he is, pushes John away. It was a moment of pandemonium, for sure.

It seems that my first post for this blog is rather long. Of course, I am trying to capture the past 3 1/2 or so in one post. I hope the others aren't so in depth.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I promised

I promised myself that when I made this new blog that I wouldn't neglect it. And here I am writing with one full month between posts. I've been so busy that it's really making my head spin. Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning. But then I look back and see where I've wasted time. I wish I had the discipline about myself to never waste one scrap of time; I really don't have it waste.

School is going so well with John. I do need to pray more about my patience though (yes, even though "tribulation worketh patience", I know that. But, even still, I NEED patience desperately, no matter the cost). John is going to attempt his first sentence Thursday. What he has to read is this: Tom can run. I don't know why this is such a big deal to me. I mean, he will have no trouble reading those three words. I guess putting them together and trying to comprehend them is that big deal to me. Ethan is the biggest trouble with school. Having just turned three, he wants to be involved, but is just too little to stick around much or for long.

Lydia has started taking steps. I can hardly believe it. Wasn't she just born a few weeks ago? Besides, the boys were every bit of 13 months old before they started taking steps. Not to mention that she can say Dad, Mom, Bible, bye, and that to name a few. Girls ... sheesh.

Christmas...whew. Well, the shopping is finished and all is well. I usually make Christmas goodies, but where am I going to get time for that this year? I think I've about gotten my dad talked into fixing a traditional Gulf Coast Christmas dinner: seafood! Yum! Turkey once a year is plenty enough for me. Of course, Jeremy's turkey was out-of-sight this year. The most moist ever in all of history, promise. We got off the hook with a Christmas skit at church. You can imagine the load that was off my mind. When it comes to creativity, I have zero. That's not where the Lord chose to bless me. haha Instead, Pastor asked us to just put together come Christmas music. I can do that one. Music is my forte (yes, pun was intended there. nyuck, nyuck, nyuck). But we're going to have to be at church tonight an hour early to practice with the teenagers. That should be a neat trick. It's already a huge struggle to get there at 7.

Did I mention that I need a maid?