Wednesday, January 9, 2008

baby hair bows, part 2

I bought the book. It was a bit pricey, but would pay for itself after I make only 1 fancy-shmancy bow. I got it on eBay from a store called Bows For a Princess. 19.95 was the price, but there was no shipping since she emailed the entire 164 page book. And trust me, that is was better for me. If it's on the computer it's not going to get lost, torn, colored in or the like. Once I get my supplies I need I'll be getting busy.

Lydia is really starting to walk. She has been walking with a step here and there since she was 9 1/2 months old, but she's getting more and more brave. Her speech is improving too. Dada has become Daddy. Mama has become Mommy. She's calling John by name more regularly. I'll be working toward her first birthday party next week. We just brought her home a few days ago, didn't we?

The next question is baby #4. I'm scared to death to get cut on again. I'm actually not scared of the whole surgery thing. I am scared of spinal anesthesia. No joke, just typing about it here, I feel an adrenaline rush and my pulse start racing. I've had 3 babies, 3 c-sections, and 3 spinal anesthetics. Every one of them has been bad. I can't imagine my life with only three children. It's going to be hard to settle for just four.

Lydia needs Mommy. Off I go.

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mummynat said...

oh chicky, i wish i could take away all the worry from you.
And i understand what you mean with even 4. We know we should stop, we don't have the room or money for more,,,but we don't want tooooo!!!

Good luck with the bows, i don't know how crafty you are, so if you have any problems with stitches contact me .