Saturday, January 19, 2008

Still Enthusiastic

It's been two weeks now since Christmas break and the children are still loving school. Well, I say that but it's more like John is loving school and Ethan is tolerating school. I don't make him sit through school. He's just turned three and that's far too young for him to be able to sit still and listen like his older brother. I encourage him to stay through the first lesson, Bible. After all, Bible is really fun! He loves the singing. He likes the scripture recitations. He short lesson usually tries his patience. I keep telling myself that he'll come around as he gets older. Of course, he may not. I loved and adored school when I was little; Jeremy loathed and hated it. Time will tell.

John has officially learned his last consonant sound for this year, although he already knew it. He tries to read everything. He does well if the word is on his level. Last night we went grocery shopping very late and John was [fairly] well-behaved. It was well past bedtime, so he earned a small treat. The kids don't usually get treats for good behavior; it is expected of them. They do, however, under certain circumstances. Anyway, he wanted a pack of gum. It was really funny to hear him try to sound out the word "Dentyne." He got the "den" part. It was downhill from there.

I really want to do something different next year with Bible. I think we could be getting more. I love A Beka's K4 Bible curriculum. Of course, with the price tag it carries, I've only looked at it. Their Flash-A-Card series is so awesome, but just the cards are over $120. I've looked at other curricula for Bible. From what I can tell, Alpha Omega doesn't offer Bible till first grade. BJU's Bible is out of the question because they are not King James only. Maybe we should just keep going like we are. The boys are learning quite well. Just another matter of prayer. :)

Oh, thought I'd include some photos of John busy at school:

Yes, he's a lefty, like his Dad.

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