Friday, February 29, 2008

Fruit of the womb

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. --Psalm 127:3

The Lord has blessed us with three wonderful children ... and I think he's given us a fourth! I've been just dying to say something, to shout it from the rooftops and get really excited, but I've refrained. I'm completely positive that we're going to have another little blessing, but the pregnancy test was negative. Although I'm sure we're expecting another, the doubt lingers because of the negative test. Time will tell. Which means that we'll have 2 birthdays in February (John on the 25th and Lydia on the 7th) and 2 birthdays in October (Ethan on the 25th and #4 somewhere along the middle of the month). I covet anyone's prayers. In pregnancy, my patience is always worn so thin. Oh, if everything goes according to the way things normally go (ha ha) our children should be space by age accordingly: Between John and Ethan, 20 months. Between Ethan and Lydia, 28 months. Between Lydia and #4, 20 months.

One thing that is slightly discouraging is the negative slant that I've gotten in the few people that I have told. As if this were a mistake. I try to ignore it and cling to God's Word. Which, of course, is always right even when opinions don't agree with fact.

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully. --1 Timothy 5:14

So then, I've done some work to my blog. Just trying to spruce things up a touch. I re-combined the homeschool blog with this one. It just seems that I don't have time to work on two blogs. I'll be using the labels to organize instead. It really makes much more sense. I want to add a song to my blog by the Daugherty family named Train up a Child. It is such an incredible blessing that it will bring you to tears. I just have to figure out how, as usual!

I need to be off now to tidy up before my husband gets home, but I'll leave you with a photo of a little dress Lydia got for her birthday.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

more birthdays

Today we'll be celebrating John's fifth birthday. He'll actually be five on Tuesday. It seems like we just brought him home a few months ago. Now he's five and is learning to read and add, to be responsible, to prefer others, and so many other wonderful things. As I was tidying up around the house yesterday while the younger two were sleeping, he says, "Mommy, I want to do chores." So I let him handle the dusting and washing dishes. He's just growing up right before me eyes. I can't imagine what I'll be thinking ten years from now when he's fifteen! I"ll have pics of the big event as soon as possible.

I never posted the results of the chili cook-off. Well, I had a second place finish. My first reaction was "second place is the first loser." Of course, I meant this lightheartedly. As I got to thinking about it, that's something to be proud of. The man that beat me was in his 60's. I cooked a meal for the first time in my life the night we got back from our honeymoon. So, I've only been cooking for 7 1/2 years! The homemade, hand ground chili powder helped a lot though. One of the judges told me that she could tell the difference in the fresh powder.

I've been reading through the book of Ezekiel lately. It's really been a blessing. My husband's is not a pastor. We're not in full time ministry. But I've seen just a glimpse of the pain our pastor feels for people or families. I can't imagine how the watchman Ezekiel's heart must have ached as he warns of the coming judgment upon his people if they do not repent. Even more, how much the heart of God must ache that He must judge sin.

Lydia has come in here and is crying for her nap...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


My boys sang a special Sunday night. I was really worried about it. The past two times that the children have practiced to sing in church, John has frozen up with stage fright. This time, Daddy and I broke out a bit of wisdom, or something. We told them that if they sang and recited scripture that we would take them to Whataburger for a milkshake. Call it due reward; call it bribery. Whatever you call it, it did the trick. First the boys recited the 23rd Psalm, all 6 verses. John knows them inside and out. Ethan gets the two parts that start with "he leadeth" in the second and third verses confused. Then he got John all confused. We had to start over, which is a-okay with me. The second time was good though. Then they sang He's Able with no problem. I was very proud of them, but very relieved. I was starting to think that John would never sing again!

You wouldn't believe how gorgeous the weather has been lately. Not very exciting, but worthy of a post. We've had days in the mid-seventies for the past week. It makes for great park weather though.

Happy birthday to a special little girl

I can't believe that she's already a year old! Happy birthday, Lydia!

Too bad I couldn't get her to smile. We had a great time celebrating Saturday. She was in a fantastic mood, like she almost always is. Of course we had cake and ice cream. Well, we would have had ice cream if I'd remembered to get it out. I was surprised that she wore her birthday girl hat all day. Here are a few more photos.

of her cake(s)...

..and of her eating her cake...

We also had some presents...

It seemed like everyone felt like having a party.

Progress Is Always a Blessing

Ethan, being three and suffering from "middle child syndrome," is always a challenge at schooltime. It's not the he's wanting to be a challenge really. He's just bored with details and can't sit still very long. Of course, he does have to stay for a little while even if he doesn't want to. Sometimes I feel like that, during school, I'm always telling him to go run along and play. I have little work books for him that we bought from Walmart. Usually he gets frustrated and doesn't want to do them any more. Well, I have a blessing to share:

Here is my Ethan happily doing school.

We have school very first thing in the morning, so the morning sun messed it up a bit. Here he is once I pulled the shade half-way down.

John will finish his numbers curriculum in about 2 weeks. He really is a master of it. I plan to continue in addition and probably try to introduce subtraction. I also want to teach him to count in multiples. He can already count by tens, but also by fives, twos, and maybe threes. Another goal is to teach him to tell time on a traditional clock. Any advice from any seasoned homeschool parent is always welcome.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

ooo ... giveaway

...for a new post, but since I'm about to take my boys off for a haircut, this will have to be abbreviated. I wanted to invite anyone reading this blog to a giveaway.

I'm really hoping I win this one. But (say this lighthearted and with a smile) I never ever win anything, so if I do happen to win, it will truly be a miracle from the hand of God Almighty Himself!

Lydia's first birthday is today. I promise photos soon.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Stop wishing for the 25-hour day

If I had the 25-hour day, I would find at least 3 hours' worth of stuff to cram into the extra hour. I have so much that I want to do to this blog to spice it up and so many ideas and such, but time is always the issue, isn't it?

Tomorrow is the church's chili cook-off! I'm pretty excited because I'm going to make my own chili powder. I got the dried chiles to make it today, along with some cumin seed. I had all the other stuff to make it in the pantry. Is it wrong to want really, really badly to win? Because I really, really badly want to win. It's purely out of vanity, I'm sure. All I want is bragging rights! I'm not sure that's exactly a good Christian attitude.

Lydia's FIRST birthday party is going to be Saturday. Not tomorrow Saturday, a week from Saturday. I can't believe that she'll be one so soon. I promise lots of pics. I got her this cute princess hat from the local party store. It was way too much money for the simple thing that it was, but hey, you're only one once, right? :P Jeremy and I are talking about when to have another baby. I've been wanting a baby, but he usually takes a bit longer to come around. I haven't pressed the issue, just waiting for the Lord to turn his heart around. I'm sad to say that Jeremy is adamant that he wants no more children after #4. Pity...

I also have a lot of sewing that I need to do for myself. I need some clothes. In the house, I usually wear straight skirts. Simply because you can find them so easily online or in the stores. I say easily, I mean easily compared to full skirts. They are loose enough to cover me appropriately, but they are certainly NOT full enough to step over the toys that three preschoolers can pull out. What I need is about three full skirts or dresses. I really need these things. I need to find some good fabric that I can afford and then just make myself sew them. Even if I only get an hour to sew here and there, it's better than the time I'm putting into it now...which is zero.

I have so much that needs to be put in the homeschool blog. John's reading is doing so well! He's now reading without sounding out the words. Just one-vowel words, mind you. In about two weeks we'll start long vowel sounds. And I have so much to brag on Ethan about also. Hopefully I'll get to update that blog tomorrow while my chili is cooking.