Wednesday, February 13, 2008


My boys sang a special Sunday night. I was really worried about it. The past two times that the children have practiced to sing in church, John has frozen up with stage fright. This time, Daddy and I broke out a bit of wisdom, or something. We told them that if they sang and recited scripture that we would take them to Whataburger for a milkshake. Call it due reward; call it bribery. Whatever you call it, it did the trick. First the boys recited the 23rd Psalm, all 6 verses. John knows them inside and out. Ethan gets the two parts that start with "he leadeth" in the second and third verses confused. Then he got John all confused. We had to start over, which is a-okay with me. The second time was good though. Then they sang He's Able with no problem. I was very proud of them, but very relieved. I was starting to think that John would never sing again!

You wouldn't believe how gorgeous the weather has been lately. Not very exciting, but worthy of a post. We've had days in the mid-seventies for the past week. It makes for great park weather though.

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