Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Progress Is Always a Blessing

Ethan, being three and suffering from "middle child syndrome," is always a challenge at schooltime. It's not the he's wanting to be a challenge really. He's just bored with details and can't sit still very long. Of course, he does have to stay for a little while even if he doesn't want to. Sometimes I feel like that, during school, I'm always telling him to go run along and play. I have little work books for him that we bought from Walmart. Usually he gets frustrated and doesn't want to do them any more. Well, I have a blessing to share:

Here is my Ethan happily doing school.

We have school very first thing in the morning, so the morning sun messed it up a bit. Here he is once I pulled the shade half-way down.

John will finish his numbers curriculum in about 2 weeks. He really is a master of it. I plan to continue in addition and probably try to introduce subtraction. I also want to teach him to count in multiples. He can already count by tens, but also by fives, twos, and maybe threes. Another goal is to teach him to tell time on a traditional clock. Any advice from any seasoned homeschool parent is always welcome.

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