Friday, February 1, 2008

Stop wishing for the 25-hour day

If I had the 25-hour day, I would find at least 3 hours' worth of stuff to cram into the extra hour. I have so much that I want to do to this blog to spice it up and so many ideas and such, but time is always the issue, isn't it?

Tomorrow is the church's chili cook-off! I'm pretty excited because I'm going to make my own chili powder. I got the dried chiles to make it today, along with some cumin seed. I had all the other stuff to make it in the pantry. Is it wrong to want really, really badly to win? Because I really, really badly want to win. It's purely out of vanity, I'm sure. All I want is bragging rights! I'm not sure that's exactly a good Christian attitude.

Lydia's FIRST birthday party is going to be Saturday. Not tomorrow Saturday, a week from Saturday. I can't believe that she'll be one so soon. I promise lots of pics. I got her this cute princess hat from the local party store. It was way too much money for the simple thing that it was, but hey, you're only one once, right? :P Jeremy and I are talking about when to have another baby. I've been wanting a baby, but he usually takes a bit longer to come around. I haven't pressed the issue, just waiting for the Lord to turn his heart around. I'm sad to say that Jeremy is adamant that he wants no more children after #4. Pity...

I also have a lot of sewing that I need to do for myself. I need some clothes. In the house, I usually wear straight skirts. Simply because you can find them so easily online or in the stores. I say easily, I mean easily compared to full skirts. They are loose enough to cover me appropriately, but they are certainly NOT full enough to step over the toys that three preschoolers can pull out. What I need is about three full skirts or dresses. I really need these things. I need to find some good fabric that I can afford and then just make myself sew them. Even if I only get an hour to sew here and there, it's better than the time I'm putting into it now...which is zero.

I have so much that needs to be put in the homeschool blog. John's reading is doing so well! He's now reading without sounding out the words. Just one-vowel words, mind you. In about two weeks we'll start long vowel sounds. And I have so much to brag on Ethan about also. Hopefully I'll get to update that blog tomorrow while my chili is cooking.

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