Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Homeschooling Soon to Be Banned in California

If God doesn't intervene, that is where the state of California could be headed. I read a bit about this at

You can read more details at the article at WorldNetDaily here or read HSLDA's article and sign their petition here.

If homeschooling is illegal in California, then the Christian and private secular schools are sure to be the next in the cross hairs of the California courts. Then the trend is sure to trickle down to every corner of the nation.

I'm just beginning on my homeschool journey with my K4 son. Half of me is enraged and half of me is heartbroken that the possibility exists that I may not be able to continue this journey.

If you homeschool, Christian school, private school, or just tired of the courts stripping us of liberty after liberty, PLEASE sign this petition.

2 edifying expressions:

mummynat said...

My heart would break for you if this happened.

I do so enjoy your blog, i love the way it is a bit of everything. Being very unreligious myself I enjoy reading the way God inspires you so, and the way you work with the church and the younger people. The community is something I miss having no religion.

And i am very pleased to hear you feel sick ;)

Psyche said...

Well said.