Thursday, March 20, 2008


Since our family is in the lawn and garden business, we don't get to take vacation during the summer. This year our vacation is in the early spring. We'll be headed off to Cincinnati, OH to see our very dearest friends in this world, Phillip and Jamie. We'll be driving all the way in one day with all the children. I'm not too worried about the boys because they are very used to long car rides and don't whine about sitting in a car all day. Lydia on the other hand, gets pretty fussy when she's in the car all day. Please pray for our safety on this very long trip. By Google's reckoning, the trip is 679 miles and will take 10 hours and 22 minutes. Of course we have three meals to fit in that time and a ton of bathroom stops and stops for Lydia to stretch her legs and all, so who knows how long that will take!

We plan on leaving Saturday, March 22 and returning on Friday March 28.

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