Saturday, April 12, 2008

happy day!

I consider myself a young Christian, really. I mean, I wasn't born-again yesterday, but I've only been saved for 10 years. Looking back, I see what a marvelous work God has done in me. I've grown a lot in those 10 years, but I'm nothing like some of these amazing women (like my pastor's wife) who have been saved for decades. I can recall times in my Christian life that things got harder than they typically are. To be honest, I've never had to walk through a deep valley that I can remember. In fact, I always wondered exactly what situations would be defined as a valley. Well after the past 3 weeks, I think it's just one of those things that, once you're in it, you know. It seems like enough "bad stuff" to fill a whole year has happened in the past three weeks. If you keep up with my blog, you know what most of that stuff is. One thing that I haven't mentioned is that Ethan has still been terribly sick. What I'm so happy about though is that he seemed better yesterday. No fever, no wheezing, no heavy chest. The croupy-cough is still around and all the cold related stuff. I'll tell you what though, I was really getting worried. I mean, I know not to worry in the typical sense, but I can't think of a better word to describe how I feel. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, I'm so thankful today that Ethan seems much better from his sickness. I mean, I'm really excited!

God is so amazing though, isn't He? He's just been such a Comforter through this time. What is also so incredible is that how through all the tragedy of the past 3 weeks is how God has magnified Himself. I know in my head and heart that God is Supreme. That He gives grace for any and all situations. That He won't leave me comfortless. When you have you actually live it...and you have a detailed life where you know that in yourself you are nothing but frail weakness. Then you know that God steps in and picks up the broken pieces of your life. All the things that were going wrong in man's eyes, you know that He allowed it all to happen so that we would see, and experience, His power first hand. Wow! I remember over the past while that I've felt so despondent. No hope anywhere. You just feel like nothing is ever going to get better. Then God steps in and puts His arms around me. He doesn't take away the situation, but he says, "You'll be okay. I'm here, remember? I'm all you need." Today, God is just so amazing to me. He's always been amazing, of course. Today, it's just more personal. Through the miscarriage, and the cancers, and the ongoing sickness...God's just given so much more grace to face it all.

We have a tee-ball game today at 11. The kids got up late, so school is behind. Even this late in the morning they are still eating breakfast. They went to bed so late last night because baths were so late because supper was so late. Ooooohh... because we ate greens fresh from the garden! I was so proud of my kids because they loved the collard greens. Ethan even asked for second helpings. I think we'll have to get to school after our ball game. But that's okay, it'll get done.

Happy day to everyone!

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Sharon said...

I'm so glad that you can see and feel God's comfort!

BTW, I love collards too! :) I guess it's a Southern delight.

Sisterlisa said...

Your day sounded like mine yesterday! God is so good! I still feel like a babe in Christ and it's been 13 years. My son is also playing Tball. It's so much fun!! Thanks for coming by my blog.

Sisterlisa said...

Thank you for coming by to wish me a happy birthday!