Friday, April 4, 2008

lots and lots of posts

Since everything has been so topsy-turvy lately, it's really hit me that I haven't posted pictures from vacation yet! I am so very busy at the moment, so I won't get to it today. Maybe tomorrow, if the Lord wills. The photos from the Creation Museum were really great.

Thanks to anyone out there who has been praying for me. I feel a bit stronger every day. My physical body is pretty much better, but my soul still groans to see my little one. I had a lady in my church who came to me Wednesday night and told me that she had lost one too. I can't remember how old this friend is, but I think she's in her 70's. So then, I conclude that I will feel the pain of losing a baby until I am united with him (her? lol) in glory. The Lord has been so gracious and His Word has been strength.

No word yet on my pastor's wife. She was to have a more detailed MRI today regarding her brain lesion. Surgery is still scheduled for Monday.

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Sharon said...

Bless your heart! I am praying that God wraps His loving arms around you and gives you much peace and comfort.