Saturday, May 31, 2008

From a Fellow Blogger

I read this post from Lady Lydia at Home Living on Monday. It has stuck with me all week. Anyone stopping by, I hope that you will hop over to Lydia's blog and read this entry about her grandmother's diary that she kept between 19 and nearly 80 years old. It is well worth the read.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another busy weekend

Busy weekends are the norm for us. I wanted to share this weekend with everyone. I'll let the pictures do the talking. First, our board game night with the youth group, playing Apples to Apples.

After I begged for a group picture, they consented.

General monkeying around.

So, the next day was our spaghetti supper fund raiser, where the Lord gave us $500 dollars to put toward youth camp.

Setting up and preparing...

And there's always time for silliness, horseplay, and towel popping.

Again, I had to beg for a group picture. On the fourth try, we got this nice one.

The teens (and me washing up in the second photo) cleaning up afterward and my wonderful love, who paused delegating cleaning for a photo.

My little lassie helping in the clean-up.

Then we also had some family fun with grandparents on Memorial Day.

John hitting, my dad catching and my love pitching...or at least they are all trying.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

more gardening

Just a compilation of photos of our latest gardening "doingses" (a lady I used to work with before I had kids used to say that word and it's always stuck).

Our growing garden

What we picked today (and we just picked Monday). Two gallons of green beans, a quart of English peas, 11 tomatoes, 9 yellow squash, 3 little broccoli (they're about finished making), 2 cucumbers, a few collards, and a whole 5 gallon bucket of zucchini!

John sitting comfortably and shelling peas. He's pretty good at it.

Ethan is working hard and concentrating, but it's hard work for three-year-old fingers.

Lydia slept through most of the fun and had a late lunch.

I'm also a pleased with my latest endeavors to bake all of our own bread. That stuff is so expensive when we use as much we do!

My second attempt at bread. The first tasted just as good, but it wasn't half as pretty.

thoughts on my children

Miss Lydia is really a picture of a thriving 15 month old. She's certainly getting into everything and is showing her age (getting close to the "terrible twos," which really starts well before the age of two, I believe). But what an utter joy she has been.

Ready for our mother daughter banquet at church

Ethan is growing by leaps and bounds. It is just astounding to my how much children grow between the ages of 3 and 4. We're still praying about whether or not to start him in K4 next year, one year early. He can write very well. He knows his letters (most of the time haha) along with their sounds. He can recognize numbers 1-20 and count far beyond that. So what's holding us back? I don't know. Maybe that I'm hoping to be pregnant (again) soon and my patience is so short when I'm pregnant. Maybe it's that I'm scared he won't do well. Maybe it's something else. But, for sure, until we have clear direction, we'll not do a thing.

E-man monkeying around

John is still a typical oldest child. He keeps tabs on the other two. He think that everything they do is his business. He loves to show off. He is a tremendous helper and is still "all boy." He's quite proud of his schoolwork this year, as am I. He learned that a four-year-old little girl at church wasn't using training wheels anymore. He just couldn't believe that he had been shown up by someone younger...and a girl at that. So he rode his bike back to Paw-paw's shed, took off the training wheels all by himself and off he went on two wheels.
rough and tumble, that's my John.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

almost two weeks ago...

...was the last time I made a post. Shame on me! Well, I suppose I'll have to do the best I can to make up for it.

Most importantly is my pastor's wife. I deeply thank everyone who has been praying. Her biopsy results showed that what originally was called astrocytoma has been upgraded to a stage 2 oglioastrocytoma. She and her husband are now praying for direction in elective treatment with radiation. Please pray that God would give direction and that He would give courage and strength with whatever path is chosen.

The garden is starting to be a handful. Thank God that school is almost over. Then those kids can get to work in the garden instead of in their workbooks. Everything is really flourishing. My camera has been at work with my husband lately, or I would have pictures. I'm rather proud of it.

We also had the youth over on the 3rd. During the summer, we try to do inexpensive little get-togethers to help save money for youth camp. This outing we had five teens over for pizza and to play Wii. We had a few more who wanted to come but had baseball or some other plans. Five is good though because it means that everyone gets more play time. Anyway they had a blast.

Our first year of homeschooling is coming to an end. What a roller coaster! I'm going to save the majority of our year in review for another post. What would sum up the year would be "reward" and "learning."