Thursday, May 22, 2008

more gardening

Just a compilation of photos of our latest gardening "doingses" (a lady I used to work with before I had kids used to say that word and it's always stuck).

Our growing garden

What we picked today (and we just picked Monday). Two gallons of green beans, a quart of English peas, 11 tomatoes, 9 yellow squash, 3 little broccoli (they're about finished making), 2 cucumbers, a few collards, and a whole 5 gallon bucket of zucchini!

John sitting comfortably and shelling peas. He's pretty good at it.

Ethan is working hard and concentrating, but it's hard work for three-year-old fingers.

Lydia slept through most of the fun and had a late lunch.

I'm also a pleased with my latest endeavors to bake all of our own bread. That stuff is so expensive when we use as much we do!

My second attempt at bread. The first tasted just as good, but it wasn't half as pretty.

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