Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sweltering Summer

and it's not even really summer yet. Gardens are not fun to pick when it's 95 degrees outside and the humidity makes it hard to breathe. Yeah, but at least I have tomatoes in this salmonella outbreak! That's nice indeed.

Since so many of my posts recently have involved the youth group, I guess I'll continue in like fashion. It looks like we'll be taking at least 11 teens to camp this year, which will almost double the most we've taken in years past. Praise the Lord!!! It is possible that we'll have 12 teens, and my John will also be riding with us to be staying with "Uncle Phillip and Aunt Jamie" (my husband's best friend. He actually has no siblings). We have 15 seats in the van and we may just have 15 passengers. Which will make for a jolly ride to Ohio (when everyone is excited) and a miserable one back home (when everyone is exhausted). We've decided to do another fund raiser to help offset the cost. The cost of camp isn't really all that much, but gas in a 15 passenger van hauling a trailer and driving it 700 miles is really hurting with gas at $4 a gallon. So for our last fund raiser we'll be selling these:

mmmmmm...yes, good to say for certain. We'll be working on this project Friday the 20th. We'll be getting up well before dawn. Last time we had to get going at 1am. It's an exhausting fund raiser to say the least, but it is very lucrative. We're looking for God to bless our efforts, as we're confident that he will. We'll let you know how it goes.

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Sharon said...

I love Krispy Kremes! But rarely have them around because...well, you know. :)

Praying your trip to camp and back is a safe one and that many will give their lives to the Lord!