Thursday, June 26, 2008

a very busy July

Looking forward to next month, I see a lot to keep our family busy. Our Vacation Bible School begins June 30 and goes on to July 3. Our theme for this year is going to be soooo neat: Road Sign for Godly Living. So the church buildings are going to be decorated with road signs. Some big, some small, some real metal ones....which really need cleaning up. They so dusty. And no, we didn't go out and steal them for Bible school. haha. A man in our church works for the town and is getting them for us legally. I asked our pastor if I could "borrow" some off the road and he just kinda looked at me and said, "That's illegal" (or something to that effect) with a little grin. Poor man, having to put up with my silliness all the time.

I promise pictures of VBS later, but I'm going to be a bit busy for posts.

Looks like youth camp is going to be a bit longer than I originally thought. This is going to be the longest I've been away from my kids. I love working with the youth, really I do. I love them to bits. I love talking with my girls. I utterly despise being separated from my children. But it is the way it has to be. I can't be of much help to the youth if I'm having to rock a baby instead of working at an altar or in a similar situation. Late nights, early mornings, teenage activities, deep swimming pools, long drives, and no naptimes just don't mix with with toddlers and preschoolers. It's just unnatural to be separated that long. I mean, after a Christian and a wife, I'm a mom. I relish every moment with my kids, even the hard ones. So, what's a girl to do. I just have to pray, pray, pray. Then shut my eyes, and make my feet walk. And then spend at least the first 100 miles to camp with teary eyes and cry every night when I get off the phone with them. That seems to be the way it's gone in the past. Of course, in the past I've told myself, "Five days, it's just five days." Now it's going to be eight or even nine days. Oh, that's so much harder!

But I try to look on the positive. Once I get to camp, I always have a great time with the youth. I really love them. I have a lot of great memories in camp. We have seen the Lord do a lot for the teens through camp. And when I feel so dry and empty, the Lord always fills my cup. It's not that He's asking too much of me, because anything He could ask could never be too much. My family is my "sacred calling" (borrowing Stacy McDonald's phrase) and it pains me to be away from that. God gives me peace and joy though, because He's let me know that He needs me at camp. What's going to be neat is when he works it out for us to go to youth camp in the future. It's hard to find someone to keep just 3 children. Even this year, we're having to split them up because no one will keep all three. How is He going to manage it as our family continues to grow? That'll be neat.

Wow, I didn't mean for all that to come out! haha Anyway, July will be very busy indeed.

June 30-July3 ... ... VBS
July 11-July 18 ... ... youth camp

Gotta finish getting homeschool material rounded up after camp is finished, too. Oh, and I promise to post photos of Lydia in her bed. I had both of my boys in real, twin-sized beds by her age, but I we don't have one for her. So her crib is converted into a toddler bed for now. Can't believe she's 16 months old!

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