Monday, August 25, 2008

Surviving Fay

I haven't been spending too much time on the computer lately as we've been weathering out this storm. The wind has been rather inconsistent. I'd image that it's been steady at 15 mph with gusts around 30 or so. I had one gust hit me while I was out feeding the chickens and it knocked me back. That was sort of fun, but other than that, it has been more of a rain maker. I'm not talking about the 33 inches that some places had. It's been a steady moderate rain. I think that, thus far, our rain gauge has measured about 4 inches over 2 days. Most of my time has really been taken up in keeping the children occupied, since they can't go outside.

I was going to take my camcorder and video tape some of the wind, but then I didn't. So much for good ideas... haha

We're supposed to keep on with the steady rain until Wednesday. By then we'll all be ready to get outdoors!

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Sharon said...

We are finally getting some good rain from the former Fay. :) We desperately need it in N. GA!