Friday, November 21, 2008

Sew, Sow and Home

I have been trying to make Lydia some clothes for play, and I have made some progress. My mom was sweet, in that she made Lydia a nice toasty warm nightgown. I wish I had one just like it for me!It is just a wee-touch long, but I haven't noticed her having trouble with it. After all, the longer it is, the more use she'll get out of it, right?

I would go and get out some of what I've already made for her, but I want her to have them on for the picture. She's still napping. It's just not the same affect if you lie them out flat, ya know?

Oh, and I added a Christmas layout! I guess it's more like a wintertime layout, but whatever. :)

On a more random note, Jeremy and I took a trip to Brewton last night. On the way there is a little fabric store that I've always wanted to go into, but it's only open during office hours. I don't usually go to Brewton without Jeremy, so I've never been able to go. Anyway, they were open late last night for some sort of Christmas retailer something-or-another. *gets to the point* Jeremy offered to take me to the fabric store when we noticed it was open (I would have never, ever asked him to!). Can you believe that I won a door prize?!

The gift was wrapped and entitled "Sow and Sew." You'll see why when you see what was inside:

  • first off, the pot is just adorable!
  • a 3-piece set of garden tools
  • 3 packs of seeds
  • a kneeling pad
  • a fan/mister
  • gardening gloves
  • Aveeno hand lotion
  • a generous yard of fabric
  • about 2/3 yard of matching lace
  • a yard ornament...a cherub?
  • Yankee Candle pumpkin and vanilla spice potpourri
  • if you click to enlarge, you'll see these brightly colored worm-things. Any ideas as to what purpose they may accomplish? Were they just for decoration or something?
  • a pen with some personality

You'll also notice the pretty shades of blue in the background. Hopefully tonight, they'll be separated by chair rail! It's so swell having a handy husband. Our home face lift continues!

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Sharon said...

She is so adorable in her new nightgown!!! :-)

So sweet of your hubby to stop at the fabric store for you. Not sure about the worms, though. :D

I've been sewing doll clothes for my nieces. I can't post about it yet because I think one of my little nieces sometimes takes a peek at my blog. So it'll have to wait until after Christmas.