Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas To All

I finished the last of my sewing for Christmas last night (finally). I've already wrapped it all and I'll post photos once Christmas is through.

Our church participated in a Christmas parade last Saturday. Here are a few pictures from the event. We all had so much fun! I counted 37 people from the church that were either on the float, driving it, or walking beside it. The teenagers and some of the adults walked beside the float and handed out gospel tracts. Pastor estimates that we gave out 1000 tracts! What a privilege to share the gospel with so many people. Another highlight was that our float won first prize! Not too bad since it was our first time doing a parade. The theme for the parade was "Christmas through the years." Our float said on the side, "Through the years, the true story remains the same." It started with the nativity scene, had the children in the middle throwing candy and in the back had a family by the fireside reading the Bible...sharing the same story through the years. Here are a few pictures.

Putting on the finishing touches...

Two of our teens playing Mary and Joseph (well, "Mary" will be a youth in April)

A few of the teenagers getting their tracts ready.

I love this...Bro. Ricky looking so contemplative. Is he up to something?

Almost time to go!

John getting ready for the parade to start...with candy in hand.

Ethan tossing candy with Mrs. Judy.

Lydia standing on the roadside with her Nana and Aunt. I'm sure she thought it was really weird seeing all those people on that float that she knew.

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