Thursday, December 11, 2008

Taking a Deep Breath

What a busy week! It seems like the Christmas season is whirling right by us at record speed! Our "family revival" was a huge blessing. I thank the Lord for Bro. Ballew and for the insight the Lord gave him. One thing that the Lord pressed upon my heart was praying for my children, and for their protection from Satan and strength to control their flesh. Yes, these things are already a matter of prayer, but how much more in these latter days are our children attacked from every side?

I also wanted to share my feelings on the homeschool fellowship I attended last week. I know that I can't base a final opinion on a sole visit. From that single visit, I could not have been more pleased with it. I really enjoyed it. It was not a very big group, yet not a very small group. There were students from high school seniors all the way down to cradle babies. The mothers who were there were so friendly, as were the ladies who were working with the students. I am looking forward to our next fellowship.

Some fantastically cold weather has descended upon northwest Florida. Here are my little snow bunnies all bundled up...well, minus the snow.

Ethan with his extremely oversized gloves. Warm gloves isn't something we exactly keep around.

John, who lately, never thinks he's cold.

The only gloves I could find for Lydia were baby mittens that didn't even have thumbs in them. It was very difficult to get them on her, trust me.

This photo is from November. As we were decorating the tree, Lydia would just hold up a strand of beads or garland and seem to expect it to stick as if it were magnetic! haha!

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