Wednesday, July 30, 2008

finally getting to talk about camp

if I don't just sit down and make this post, I'm just never going to do it I guess. I have about 250 pictures from camp. I'm not going to put all of them on here as to protect privacy, etc. I never list names either. But I do have some pretty great pictures. I mentioned before that we were going to the Creation Museum. Here are some photos from there. (you can, of course, click the slideshows for full size images)

The teens were skeptical at first. The place was jam-packed. You could barely move. To be honest, I was even a bit bored until we got past the first video presentation. After that, they seemed to enjoy it all. After we made it through the museum we went outside to the botanical garden. Talk about beautiful. I have just a few images from the garden here :)

After that we took them to the Newport Southbank Bridge...more commonly known as the Purple People Bridge.

the Cincinnati skyline, as seen from the Purple People Bridge

Here we are ... along with John ... on the bridge.

Lets see, Sunday was spent with our dear friends Phillip and Jamie Blackwell. Bro. Phillip pastors Salem Baptist Church in Cincinnati, OH. God bless Jamie. They had vacation Bible school this week. On the last day of Bible school we invaded her house. She let us stay in her house. We're not just talking about our family. We're talking 10 teenagers, 2 adults and 1 5-year-old. Then she even kept John (my 5yo) while we were gone. It was such a blessing to me. The willing hearts of the teens were a blessing to me also. You see, that Saturday Bro. Phillip closed out his vbs with a country fair. The teens worked booths, gave out prizes, and cleaned up....and cleaned up....and cleaned up. Yeah, there were some who complained ... that's most teens for you, but never did they just flat refuse to help! I was proud of them.

So then, Monday, it was off to Camp Chautauqua. There is a slideshow on the camp website. From the home page, click the camera, then select Jr High & Sr High Independent Baptist Camp.

Foremost and above all else, we had one of our boys get saved during camp! What a mighty God we serve! That was the only decision that we were aware of, but we're praying that seeds planted will in the future spring forth with fruit.

So, the camp is divided up into 8 groups. First, the churches are divided into 4 groups which match the athletic/Olympics theme: Nike, Adidas, Reebok and K-Swiss. We were team Reebok this year. Then those 4 teams are divided evenly into junior high and senior high. Each team had an armband with a different color. That was just pure genius! It's so hard to play sports with people you don't know because you don't know whose on your team! Problem solved. Anyway, just to brag on my kids a bit ;) The senior high girls won a gold metal at softball and basketball. The senior high boys won dodgeball. Which isn't the elementary school sort of dodgeball. I'd be scared to play it. In fact, the girls played volleyball instead! Anyway, I had one of my girls submit art to the art competition, which I was very proud of. Another of my girls won a gold metal in solo singing competition. There there was camp court. I've seen camp court work a lot of different ways, but this one was like this: Each of the 8 teams (as explained above) votes on a king and queen for sr high and prince and princess for jr high. For our team, Reebok, one of my sr high girls was voted by the other teens to the court. She really participated very well during camp. She was 100% involved in all scheduled activities and involved in activities that she wasn't "required" to attend.

Our whole group, along with the whole group from Maranatha Baptist Church of Columbus, GA (our pastor and their pastor are cousins and their pastor's wife's dad [confused yet?!] founded our church, so there's a bit of a bond there :P)

All-in-all, when you consider that we only had 10 from our small country church (some churches had anywhere from 60-100 teens), we did exceptionally well. Way to go!

Now looking ahead. I have gotten on all my homeschool material. But that's for a different post...I'm certainly out of time for now!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Here's the link to the youth camp article at!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This isn't exactly a post that's been poured over and thought through. Since I've been out of town, it seems like, forever, I'll give a brief update. Camp was a blast, as always. We had one of our 10 youth get saved. Praise the Lord!! Makes it worth it all. I am definitely glad to be home though. I have tons and tons of details to pour out, but it will have to wait. My current projects include putting Lydia into the "play room," distributing the toys appropriately, and making Lydia's old room/computer room/study into a dedicated school room. It was a big hassle last year having to find somewhere to store stuff, trying to find somewhere to hang visuals, trying to manage with a hand-held 9x14 dry erase board.

I just love how God know, when we're not even really thinking that it's important. For example: First off, sometimes I "think to the Lord." Which I guess it is praying really but just not on bended knee and with full energy and focus into it. Like I say more like thinking to to God. Maybe it's what is referred to in Passionate Housewives Desperate for God as praying in droplets. Or maybe it's the whole "pray without ceasing" attitude. Anyway, as Jeremy and I were moving toys into the boys' room, (John and Ethan share a fairly small room) I was sort of "thinking to the Lord" and said, "Lord what are we going to do? The kids' beds and dressers take up the whole room and now we're getting rid of the play room. Guess you'll just have to think of something cool because we can't afford bunk beds right now." Well, my mom calls me and says, "Hey there are some bunk beds in the Shopper. Didn't you say a long while ago you'd like bunk beds?" Well it had been several months ago that we were talking about bunk beds, but God called that to Mom's memory and, there you go. I called the man who was selling them and said that he paid over $800 dollars for them and his kids hated them. They've barely been slept on. He said he's moving and has to get rid of them soon. Anyway, problem solved! Next thing is a school desk for Ethan.

Promise more camp info later. I sent in an article to my favorite news outlet, about camp. The editor says that he'll post the article soon. I'll link to it from here once he's posted it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

busy again

I didn't manage to get those pictures of VBS. With all the hustle and bustle, I really just kept forgetting to bring my camera. Of course, as always, I had a blast with the kids. I had anywhere from 18-25 kids ages 3-6, most of them being on the younger end of the spectrum. Whew...It was hard to be sure, but hard work is good work. The class was divided at preaching-time. I would have the 5 & 6 year olds and the 3's and 4's where taken upstairs. Anyway, but for the important part, we had two souls saved during Bible school. Praise the Lord!!

I'm going to have another week or so of silence because tomorrow we're going to be taking off to Miamisburg, OH for youth camp. We plan on making a trip to the Creation Museum. This time, I will be taking my camera. We are trusting the Lord to move through the hearts of our youth group. If He doesn't, then we've just taken a vacation.

I'll be back to blogging soon. :)