Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Teenagers

I was noticing that it has been forever and ever since I posted about the teenagers. Yes, they are still out there. They are still a huge part of our life. I have no idea why I've been so long in letting everyone know what's been going on in the youth ministry.

First off, sort of a prayer request and answer to prayer. One of my teenage girls, initials T. B. (I usually post initials because I don't know how parents feel about names on the web), was out en route to play softball with some friends. On her way she happened to fall. Poor dear broke her ankle! When she was taken to the emergency room, they wanted her to see an orthopedic specialist. So they just wrapped it up good and sent her on her way. She was in very much pain Sunday, but came to church any how, which I was very proud of as long as she was "up to it." Well, the big answer to prayer is this: the specialist isn't ordering pins or a cast or anything like that. They're just going to fit her for a walking boot and keep a watchful eye on the healing progress. Even through everything she must have been feeling Sunday, she wore a smile and never once complained about the pain, not being able to get around, or not being able to be with the rest of the teenagers in Sunday School (Our classroom is up a flight of steep stairs).

Something else that we've been doing is this thing...well, I'm not sure what you'd call it other than S.O.A.P. It's a program to read through the New Testament. You read a chapter a day (Scripture), find a verse that the Lord is speaking to you about (Observation), write down how the Lord spoke to you (Application), and ask the Lord to help you to remember and apply the verse (Prayer). I was very happy to see many of our teens do the assignment and say that they wanted to do it all the way through the New Testament. We're praying that all of them will participate. I was particularly proud of one of our teenage boys who, although he was gone on a Christian cruise with his senior class from his Christian school he attends, did the assignments anyway!

Another praise is our attendance Sunday. It wasn't an all-time high by any stretch, nor were all of them there, but it was the most youth we've had in a long while. We had 16 (if I remember right) teens in our class, including Jeremy and I.

The hardest trouble that I personally have as a youth worker is remembering that these kids come from all different walks of life. Some of them are our pastor's kids. Some of them are preacher's kids. Some of them come from a long line of faithful servants of the Lord. Some of them come from broken homes. Some of them have never been to church before, and come from families who are now faithful. There are teens who come from all points in between. It can be hard to know how to minister to each one, even when praying for the wisdom. There are a lot of struggles that I feel, but I don't want to divulge too much of it here! What I can say though is it's sure been a blessing to see these teens grow in the Lord.

A photo from our Christmas party. You can't see everyone, but it was the best
angle I could get. Here are our teens listen to Bro. Marcus preach.

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Deborah said...

Hello! I saw you on another blog and thought I'd stop by. Nice 'meeting' you!

Kristi said...

That's good news about T.B. not needing pins. Trust me...I know. lol

Good news about the youth attendance too. I know that was exciting!


Kristi said...

If your youth group earns points for Christian service, babysitting for date night would be a great opportunity for the girls to earn points. Plus...it's free! Some of the girls in our youth group will babysit for points and they'll pair up for several little ones.