Friday, January 30, 2009

planning parsimoniously

Yes, I did borrow the thesaurus to find a word to make my post homiletically correct! Part of my adventures in wifehood include finding way after way to make my husbands hard-earned cash go a bit farther. I have seen ladies do some amazing things with coupons. After seeing what Courtney did with about $12, I just had to ask. God bless her, she is working on sharing some of her secrets! I'm pretty excited about learning how to do this. I'm just hoping that I can.

Along those lines, I was glad to learn that the Piggly Wiggly doubles coupons up to sixty cents. I don't care at all for the Pig, but it's a great way to use up those "cents-off" clip coupons.

Another pretty good deal that I landed was this: I keep my eyes on eBay, to buy homeschool material at a cut rate. The readers that John needs for next year retail over $100 at Well, I got them all for $30. A pretty good deal, I think. I saw other offers for a cheaper price, but I think these books will hold up for all the children if we take care of them.

Just sharing a photo I thought was cute.

And, by the way, this celebrates my 100th post!

Lydia can be a bit unstable on the trampoline, so the boys have to play gently with her. Sometimes they take it to an extreme. I think here they had made up some game where if she even walked near them they pretended to fall over as if she knocked them down.

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