Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - January 6, 2009

Outside my window ... the weather is very yucky. It's a very muggy 70 degrees (mind you, it's only 8:30 am). The clouds look rainy.

I am thinking ... that I could have slept for another hour or two this morning!

I am thankful for ... God loving me, even when I'm not lovable.

From the learning rooms ... today starts school back after our very long vacation.

From the kitchen ... tonight I plan on fixing pork chops (probably fried, for a change since our grill is broken), tomato gravy and rice, and probably some Brussels sprouts from the garden. I hope to make a loaf of bread tomorrow. I've been buying it from the store since I've been so busy through Christmas.

I am wearing ... this perfectly hideous purple and pink knit dress. I'll spare the rest of those details. My faithful tennis shoes and barretted hair.

I am creating ... I have no crafts or sewing projects in the works right now, as I'm still recovering from Christmas.

I am going ... hopefully no where else the rest of the week! Except for church Wednesday night and visitation/soul-winning Thursday night. Oh, Saturday night I'm taking the children to a birthday party.

I am reading ... The King James Bible, specifically the book of Micah. Relationship and Fellowship by Stephen Baker.

I am hoping (praying) ... for a good week and the ability to keep my flesh under control, since I have felt very badly all week and last.

I am hearing ... Lydia playing with the books on the bookshelf and calling them all Bibles. I hear the boys in the distance who are outside hitting golf balls.

Around the house ... I plan to work on the wash, as always. The living room is in need of tidying, but the children's rooms look good.

One of my favorite things ... was to hear John this morning read from the book of John. It was wonderful to hear him say, "Mommy, will you help me read the Bible?" He can read very well for five, but there is still so much he needs to learn to be a good reader.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... I already mentioned that I need to get back to baking. I also want to make cupcakes with the kids later this week. Other than that, just planning to settle back into our routine.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing ... I have not taken any pictures since Christmas, so here's one from the spring. In the garden, I sowed seeds of my favorite flower, zinnias, and was able to keep cut flowers on the kitchen table all summer. This bouquet had a stow-away!

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