Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So Much More Nervous This Time

Last time I went to make a post similar to this one, I was so excited that I think I posted about it well before I had gone to the doctor. Well, because of the outcome of the last pregnancy, I've been very hesitant to say anything this time. But, Jeremy and the children took me to the baby doctor yesterday and it looks that I'm about 8 weeks along with #4. The Lord may quite possibly take this one at any time, but this one has made it farther than the last one, so I'm trying to be optimistic. My last pregnancy measured about 6 1/2 weeks, but I didn't start miscarrying until 11 weeks. The Lord was very good to me, in that I didn't have to have a D & C, which I very badly didn't want.

Well, our smallest family member measures exactly to the due date from my LMP. The heart rate that (s)he had is 170 bpm. My doctor was pretty optimistic.

I'll share also that I feel 100% pregnant...any sort of food just makes my stomach turn. Weeeeeeeell, that is unless it's something sweet!

Oh, and last night at our church's ladies meeting I shared with everyone our news. Well, my friend Holly had brought Chex Mix as part of the refreshments that she brought. There was a bag that was unopened. I completely love Chex Mix (alother weakness). She gave it to me and told me to "feed that baby!" I totally thought that was precious! I haven't mentioned Sam and Holly moving back. Well, moving back for Sam, that is. But I am so very glad to have them here.

I would really covet prayer. I am honestly pretty apprehensive about this first trimester. I have about 4-5 weeks (depending on how you count them) until I'm into the second trimester. I'll be glad to get rid of this morning sickness too. Although I had really bad morning sickness until I was 6 months along with Lydia.

I'm sharing one of my ultrasound pictures. It's pretty clear, especially for only 8 weeks. The big round circle at the top is the yolk sac. I've never had a good picture of it before. But you can see little arms and legs developing.

(click to enlarge)

Listen, O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far; The LORD hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name. --Isaiah 49:1

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mummynat said...

Oh my dearest friend, i am so very very pleased for you.

Elizabeth Q. said...

Hey Elizabeth,
I know it's alittle belated, but CONGRATULATIONS on having another "bun in the oven". I am so excited for you and Jeremy!!!
I'll be praying for you.
Take care.

Elizabeth Q.

Carrie said...

I just found you blog thru Michelle at "Whatsoever things are lovely".
Congrats on your new addition. I will be praying that all goes well and you and the baby are healthly.
Love & Prayers