Monday, January 26, 2009

On my mind

Pastor briefly mentioned this Sunday and it's been on my mind. Several miles from my home, but still somewhat local, a casino has recently opened. The casino is located just north of the city of Atmore, Alabama. Now, why this filth is even worth mentioning is something that Pastor mentioned as he was warning us about this place. The subject went along with his message, "Devices of the Devil." Apparently, there is a restaurant that many people are excited about. Yes, the restaurant is certainly part of the casino, although it is in a separate adjacent building. I'm sure the food is exquisite; The devil would have it no other way. What concerns me is that I have heard a handful of people in town mentioning this new restaurant. At first, I wasn't aware that it was at a casino. When I asked where we could go to enjoy this place it was told it was at the new casino. By my reaction (of eyes widening and quickly explaining that we would not be going), the people I would be talking to would seem to quickly defend the restaurant by saying, with a wave of the hand, "Oh, it's in a separate building. You don't have to acutally go inside the casino." As is that made a tremendous difference. As Christians we are called to be different. As ambassadors for Christ, how could we properly represent Him to that lost co-worker or family member who saw us turning our car into the casino? I do not want one penny of the money that God has entrusted us with to be spent at such a place. Even if I could order from the phone and have a meal delievered, I could not have peace with it. If we are going to give an account of our lives, that would certainly include how and where we spent our money. What sort of answer could we give Christ for the money spent at such an establishment?

I did not really plan on posting my feelings on this, but once I read this post by Michele at Whatsoever Things Are Lovely, I really felt that I needed to. As I read through this "checklist," I kept thinking of the reasons why I should not go to a casino, even to get a steak. From what I read, supporting this restaurant (profits from which would most likely go to the casino as well) would break several points on this "checklist" written by Pastor Steve Sturgeon.

Whatsoever Things Are Lovely: Rudiments of Biblical Christianity: A Christian's Checklist

From what I can tell, these points are in violation:
#1 - Is it right?
#2 - Does it bring me near some temptation?
#3 - Does it give place to the devil?
#4 - Is there anything in Scripture contrary to it?
#7 - Will it cause someone to stumble?
#8 - Does it appear evil to anyone?
#9 - Would the Lord Jesus Christ do this?
#10 - Would this please God?
#13 - Does it edify?
#14 - Am I being selfish? (I don't think this would always be true, but certainly with some Christians who went there)
#15 - Am I denying the flesh?
#16 - Am I putting Christ first?
#17 - Is it expedient?
#18 - Will it bring glory to God?
#19 - Am I deceiving myself or being deceived?
#20 - Do I know better? (again, not all Christians would "know better," but certainly some would)
#21 - Am I searching for an excuse to justify what I do? (One of the most applicable points)
#22 - Do I have to hide it from anyone? Sneak around?
#23 - Did I handle the Word of God deceitfully? (this would apply in some circumstances)
#24 - Will this in anyway defile God's body? (guess that would depend on what your ordered! haha)
#26 - Can I do this in Jesus' name?
#28 - Have I prayed about it?
#29 - Will it increase or hinder my prayer life?
#31 - What does my Pastor think about it?
#32 - What do my church brethren think about it?
#33 - Would I like to be doing this when Jesus returns?
#34- How will this appear at the Judgment Seat of Christ?

I know I don't often get the number of comments that would offer much in the way of discussion, but I would like for you to look over the points and see if I missed any.

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Kristi said...

The fact that it is in another building simply eases the conscience of those willing to go.

Good post!