Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Sixth Birthday, John

Happy birthday to my special little man. May God keep your little heart tender.

I wanted so share a few things about John.

  • He's my oldest (you probably knew that) and is quite responsible for his age. He looks after the others and is quick to follow through with something that is asked of him (usually, haha).
  • He shows good initiative. Very often he sees work to be done and does it without being asked or told.
  • He's extremely compassionate. If someone in the house is upset, he's always there to lend an encouraging word or just to "be there."
  • He's very good at memorizing Bible Scripture.
  • He's my outdoorsman. Nothing makes him happier than just being outside.
  • During school or family devotion, he's often been under Holy Ghost conviction for salvation, but is not yet saved. Please join us in prayer for John's salvation.

Isn't this cake just beautiful?! The golf cart is a toy and the stick is wood. The green and ducky are fondant. The name is cookies. The golf ball on the "O" is made of white candy coating. The tree is made from royal icing and the water is icing gel. The sand trap is brown sugar. How creative! A lady in town made it for us. I was really impressed.

She also made this box of golf club cookies. Cute, cute cute!

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Tammy said...

You must be proud of your little man. What a blessing he must be!

And that cake looks great! What a talented lady.