Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Female Child

My only girl. Last night, Jeremy and Ethan went to buy supplies from Sam's Club. After I had cleaned the kitchen I took a while looking at fabric for Lydia and I Easter dresses. I kept hearing this clanking noise. She had been playing with a miniature Matchbox car, and it sounded like she was tapping it on the table or counter or something. I always keep a keen ear out when I'm on the computer. When the kids know your distracted, they will take advantage of the moment to explore mischief!

After the clanking noise continued on longer than I thought it would, I asked John (who was in the living room playing a racing game on the Wii) what Lydia was doing. Calm has could be, he replies "She has scissors."

Sure enough, she had cut a whole handful of her curly locks due north of her nose, from one side of her forehead to the other. It made a ball about the size of a tee-ball, loosely packed.

I know it will grow back, but it sure is hard to look at for now! I tried to take a photo of it, but you just really can't tell from the picture how bad it is.

It's just hair... Every little kid cuts their hair... And one of these years, I'll look back and laugh. Or at least that's what they tell me.

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Anonymous said...

Oh such a cute little child, I bet she takes after her precious mother.

Anonymous said...

I bet your husband is the best thing you have. Sounds like a most kind gentleman.

Tammy said...

Well it's true - you will look back on it and laugh... SOME day, LOL!

My second child did that to her hair - it was hanging in her face and she thought she knew just the thing to take care of that! But when she saw in the mirror what she had done, she cried.

~~Deby said...

in my case---a neighbor boy cut my son's hair...I went to tell the parents etc...well lo and behold we became lifelong friends and she got just never know.