Friday, March 27, 2009

Adventures in Homeopathy, Pt 2

Before I get into explaining how the Lord changed our treatment for Ethan, I want to explain first our viewpoint on homeopathic medicine. Really, the method of treatment for any illness is not something that we had ever given much thought. Jeremy and I are very healthy people. Except for the occasional headache, cold, or stomach bug, we are never sick. If any of us ever did get sick, we just did what we had always done: found whatever sort of pill or elixir made the illness feel better. It's something that we had never thought of to discuss.

If you read my blog, you'll know that I am a super frugalite. If I came down with a sinus infection, which I'm rather prone to do, I would always use a home remedy first. Not because the Lord spoke to me about it, or because I thought it was better. I was just looking at the finances and didn't want to pay for a doctor visit. A few days of a steam tent, a regimen of apple cider vinegar, lots of saline for the sinuses and a few modification in diet always did the trick.

When Ethan was born, his pediatrician came to make his rounds in the hospital, as doctors do. When I pointed out his skin (mind you, at this point, Ethan was about 17 or 18 hours old), I would described the doctor as shocked. He suggested just a bit of Vaseline or Eucerine ointment, because he was too young for anything prescription. We followed doctor's orders. It didn't really help, on the long term. He got worse. We took him back to the doctor. We followed doctor's orders. It didn't really help, on the long term. He got worse. We took him back to the doctor. We followed doctor's orders. Over and over this was our story. We prayed, earnestly and fervently, for healing but he was never really better.

One morning, not too long after this New Year, Jeremy woke up saying, "I think the root of Ethan's problem is a vitamin deficiency." I remember thinking to myself, "Huh? Where did that come from?" Ethan had not had an asthma attack in a several weeks, but his skin didn't fare too well through the winter. He'd often wake up in the middle of the night crying with painful, cracked skin. It was just "life" for him though. Nothing had brought this up. It had not been a topic of discussion, so for Jeremy to right-out-of-the-blue bring it up is not his typical character. It must have just been the good hand of the Lord directing our family through the head of our home. I didn't really know what to say in reply. "It very well could be. Lots of illnesses are just vitamin deficiencies that have gotten too far out of hand. So what do you think we should do?" was my sort of confused reply. "Well, I think I'll order him some Body Balance and see if that helps." Being the frugalite I am, I asked, "Uh, can we afford that?" He said that he'd chug the budget around and see what we could do.

We were able to manage to cut some more corners and buy the supplement. Body Balance is a whole food liquid vitamin and mineral supplement that my pastor introduced us to. His elementary school age son had warts removed from his hand several times and they always came back. After starting Body Balance, they didn't stand a chance. Even after he quit taking the supplement, his sons warts never came back.

Not immediately, but within 3-4 weeks we were able to notice some improvement in his skin. Mind you, that we were still giving him all of the prescription medication mentioned in part one of this series. We did not apply any of the topical medicine unless needed, but the daily meds were still being taken. The asthma medicine was not needed at this time either. Eczema and allergies are directly related, especially in severe cases. If Ethan's skin was clearing up, that means that he was able to tolerate some of his allergies better. In other words, his immune system was becoming stronger. We thanked the Lord over and over. We told anyone we could get to listen.

This is getting lengthy again, so I will make a part three!

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Tammy said...

WOW! Sounds like that's good stuff! Praise the Lord :o)

Sharon said...

This is so wonderful that Ethan's skin and allergies are clearing up!

I haven't read part 1 yet, but will.

My daughter had some slight allergy and eczema problems and we read about getting locally made honey and having her take a spoonful every day which was supposed to slowly build up her immunity to the local plant blooms as her symptoms were always worse during spring. It worked!

mummynat said...

Flax seed oil!!!!!!!!!

I have serious problems with skin. I have Eczema, acne, alergies. If something has a slight chance to mess up skin.. mine will react! I have to stay away from Dairy. Dairy is a root problem for sooooo many skin problems. The best thing i have found so far...and it's amazing is Flax seed oil. I take it with evening primrose oil. About 2000mg of both for me, so about 1000mg for children. You can get Flax seed oil from the health shops in liquid form so children can take it easier too. Doctors are only just starting to find the benefits of flax seed ( do a google search )
Hope you are well :) miss you lots