Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Adventures in Homeopathy, Pt 3

This is getting to be quite a series, isn't it? Well, the Body Balance alone did work wonders. Especially for Ethan's skin. For the first time in his life, he had days when he actually had baby-soft skin.

There was also an added perk...can you believe this one? Ethan, although he's nearly 4 1/2 has never been able to hold out through the night without wetting the bed. I know that children are all different, but John was wearing underwear to bed when he was 3...was dry and even woke up if he had to "go." Ethan would wet the bed several times a night and even had to wear Pullups. Sometimes, he would even have overflow, if you take my meaning. He was terribly embarrassed by the Pullups, but I just can't change sheets all night. Not because I don't want to get up, but I only have 2 sets that fit his bed! After being on Body Balance for just three weeks, the bedwetting has completely, 100% stopped. We were so thrilled, and he was too. The nay-sayers may say, "Well, it was just his time to outgrow bedwetting." But I say,"Hey, that's not odd, that's God!"

There is a family in our church who uses natural healing. Well, there are a few, but I'm thinking of one in particular. The father's mother of this family is a nutritionist. In fact, she has her master's degree. Well, we decided to take Ethan to her. She did muscle testing on him and found many mineral deficiencies. She felt like we were on the right track with Body Balance and recommended a few other herbs and extracts to help him.

Pictured above is our new medicine collection. The things that I'm the most impressed with are first, the calendula (known to us common folk as Marigold) cream. We've used very pricey prescription creams and ointment. Some of them have terrible side effects, including lymphoma! This cream leaves his skin amazingly soft. The $150 prescription stuff can't compare. Then, the nettle tea is great for general allergies. I can tell a big difference in his ability to fight off allergies to pollen and other environmental allergens. The biggest shocker to me was the onion and honey. Take an onion slice it thin and barely cover it with honey. Let it sit over night, remove the onion and then give 1 teaspoon of the honey for asthma. It really is a sort of bronchiodialtor. I was really surprised.

Just two weeks ago (I think), this natural medicine was going to be put to the test. BUT I just don't have time for it right now. I'm so sorry. Promise that part 4 will be the conclusion!

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Tammy said...

What a blessing that you have someone like that in your church who can teach you! I rely on a few books I brought down, and some good sites on the internet.

Sharon said...

This is so wonderful Elizabeth! This is confirming some questions in my own mind about the quick fixes of prescription medicines and the permanent fixes of simple God-given treatments available.

God made our bodies and with the proper nutrients and committment of our lives to Him, we should be able to maintain mostly a healthy lifestyle. This is something I am starting to dig into.

Thank you for sharing your story!