Friday, April 3, 2009

Adventures in Homeopathy, Pt 4 1/2?

I didn't really want to make another post in this series, because it's getting so lengthy. But as I read over my last two posts, I've left something really exciting out. I had mentioned in part 1 that we'd been battling behavior problems with Ethan. The praise (and relief) that I have with this part of our new treatment plan really deserves more attention.

When Ethan was on his prescription medicine, he was moody, stubborn, and easily angered. I know that children are all different, and I always just thought that's how Ethan is. That he's my "strong-willed child." It seemed the more chastisement and the more correction and the more reproof he got, the harder and harder his heart was. Especially when dealing with him, I was always careful to handle him in love and not impatience or anger. But really, it seemed the more we tried to mold him, the more he rebelled.

side effects of Zyrtec include: mental or mood swings, anxiety
side effects of Singulair: aggressive behavior, agitation, mental or mood changes, depression, irritation, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors, including suicide.

I usually skim over side effects, but don't closely read them. If I had known, he wouldn't have taken them.

Before if I had asked him to do something he didn't want to do, he would comply though unwillingly. Sometimes with a sigh or irritated facial expressions. Then followed correction for his attitude, which caused more agitation. Once he was finally "corrected" until he wouldn't outwardly show his feelings, he Holy Spirit would tell me that his will was not broken yet. It seemed like such a downward spiral. It was so frustrating and I felt so helpless.

I can't emphasize enough the marked change in the boy's behavior. He is so pleasant. Now when I ask him to do something, instead of the before described reaction, he replies, "Sure Mommy." He takes initiative to complete tasks before he's told. If he's done something wrong, now he'll usually come to me in tears and apology, "Mommy, I've done wrong." If he needs chastisement, it seems like I'm getting through to him much quicker. If he doesn't get his way or if another sibling has wronged him, instead of hitting or getting his own revenge he is so much more docile. I firmly believe that it's not just coincidence.

This morning he got up much earlier than the rest of the children. He sat on the couch with me and we talked about how proud I am of his improved attitude. I asked him, "Ethan, you just seem so much more happy." His response was thrilling to my heart...

"Momma, that's because I am more happy."

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Tammy said...

Wonderful!! Children's behaviour really is a good indicator of their physical well-being. They are still young and in tune with their bodies, even if they can't express it in words. Whiney, lethargic, unhappy children indicate that something is wrong.

You really seem to be very observant with your little ones. I have enjoyed this series! :o)