Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mostly a Picture Post

***Tons of pictures in this post!***

Tammy from This Pilgrimage had mentioned in a comment I left on her blog that she didn't realize that we had a garden. Shame on me for not mentioning my wonderful garden yet. So I put together a photo tour of the garden. Click images to enlarge. Hope you enjoy.

So here's the best shot I could get of the whole garden. We were blessed with a beautiful day yesterday. After all the rain we've been having, it was a welcome sight.

The bushy plants are potatoes. The larger ones are new (red) potatoes. The smaller ones to the right are russet potatoes. I didn't use them from a grocery store visit and they spoiling in the pantry so I asked Jeremy why not try to plant them. I don't know how they'll do. We'll see! Some of the new potatoes are starting bloom, so it won't be long until it's time to turn them over.

We just planted these little lovelies. On the left are cantaloupe and on the right are watermelons. We have half a row of each.

Our rows of tomatoes. We have everything planted here from little grape tomatoes to several varieties of globe tomatoes. I do not at all like store bought tomatoes, but a homegrown, vine ripe tomatoes it an entirely different creature! Yum! Yum!

Won't be too long until I'm putting up tomatoes! This isn't the only bush loaded with blooms.

I had my herbs planted in the house in clay pots, but they were just in the way. Jeremy planted them in the garden for me, but this poor basil isn't taking well to the transition.

Lots of pepper plants planted here. Everything from red and green bells to jalapeƱo and habanero. The jalapeƱos are there for tomato salsa, but I think the habaneros are there just to scare people. haha

Four rows of sweet corn. We plant corn in two plantings because it's too much to deal with if we planted all four rows at once.

Next to the corn are the cucumbers.

And then we have least I think it's okra. It may be squash. I didn't get out the "garden map."
Okay well, I have to edit this post to add that, after my husband read my blog post, he said that these are the beans. The okra, yellow squash and zucchini I didn't photograph, but it's all really BIG!

Beans maybe? Or maybe these are the peas. Weeds included! Also have to edit to add that again, Jeremy says I'm wrong and that these are the peas...and weeds.

A beautiful day in rural farm country.

Along this woodline are some pretty blackberry brambles. And of course, John the camera ham, asked to have his picture taken with the berry brambles.

Most of the berries are no where near ripe.

But there are some that have ripened.

And what's ready is still terribly sour. But that doesn't stop some blackberry lovers.

We even have tons of berries across the street. When I pick berries for jelly, John is the best helper anyone could hope for. He doesn't like to eat the berries, but he loves picking them. He loves stomping down the thorns. Ethan, on the other hand is a pretty good picker, but he's an even better eater.

"See how many Mom!"

"Can I just pick one more, Momma?"

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Tammy said...

What a beautiful garden!! May the Lord bless you with a bountiful harvest :oD

...Sweet-lookin' kids, too! ;o)

Tammy said...

BTW, your comment on my "Making Butter" post inspired me to write an addendum. You make me a better blogger! :o)