Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Ethan post


Many of my posts, since we took him off his "medicine" and started using alternative healing (the Adventures in Homeopathy series), have revolved around Ethan. It's amazing to see how two boys so close in age can have such different personalities. John is inquisitive about everything. It's gotten to where even in church, Pastor will say something in his message and John will ask what it means. "How is Jesus like a rock?" "What does propitiation mean?" And so many more. Salvation is a whole different conversation with him. He is still dealing with it. He knows the Scriptures, but he doesn't really see himself as a sinner yet.

Ethan is the opposite, it seems. It has been very infrequently that Ethan has asked a spiritual question. It's been a burden to my heart. When I pray for him, I ask the Lord that He would "turn his spiritual light on," if you get my meaning. But you really never know what's going on in the heart of someone else, whether good or bad.

Yesterday we had a ... "situation" that needing taking care of. The boys decided it would be great fun to poke a hole in the trampoline they got for Christmas with a broken garden tool. They punctured it. They know not to have toys, other than a bouncy ball or something, on the trampoline. They know to take care of their toys. They knew the minute I caught them that they had done wrong. Out came the tears and the apologies. I took them in for discussion and discipline and training.

Just a few hours later they were at it again, except with the back of a claw hammer! Same story again: in the house for more rigorous training, if you take my meaning. This time, as the three of us prayed together, Ethan became completely hysterical as I was praying. The kind of cry that either tells you something is terribly wrong or that it's way past bedtime. As I was consoling him, I asked what was wrong. After he finally caught his breath he said, "Momma, when you were praying I asked Jesus to get me saved."

I am so excited, but sort of apprehensive too. When I pray for my kids' salvation, I always, always, always add that the Lord give them confidence in their salvation, not doubting or question, but knowing. At least outwardly, Ethan has shown nothing outwardly that he's even thought about salvation. But he certainly knows how to be saved; we've tried to raise all of them by 2 Timothy 3:15. I hope that I'm being clear on how I feel. I mean, if he really did get saved that's wonderful. But just being sorry for sin isn't being saved. I'll keep praying that the Lord speak to him and make everything clear...saved or lost.

Anyone have a similar situation with their kids?

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Tammy said...

Sounds like that might have been a breaking point for Ethan, and even if he's not saved yet, he is definitely closer. I would just be watching for fruit, and continue talking frankly (using God's Word) about spiritual matters that come up.

I tend to shy away from assuring my children that they are saved. Only God knows their hearts, and if they are saved, His spirit will bear witness with their spirit that they are His.

I try not to fret about their salvation, either. I trust that God loves them more than I do, and He will draw them unto Himself in His own time. Meanwhile, I will do my job praying for them, teaching and training them in the ways of the Lord. That's all He asks! :o)

Tammy said...

OH, I wanted to tell you that I answered your comment on my blog post about home birth. Didn't know if you saw it.


Tammy said...


I love the new look of your blog! Very cute!

Lady of Value said...

Thanks you stopping by my page and commenting. Another FL person, yay! Have you gotten all the rain too? We have gotten 10 inches so far!

Sounds like your son knows how to become saved and the Spirit is beginning to move and stir his heart. This is wonderful.

Have a great week!


Transformed from glory to glory said...

Yes, we have similar experiences in our family--quite often I might add. I am always speaking salvation to my kids, even to the point of sharing that their disobedience (sin) is why Jesus died and that they can walk in newness of life by His wounds/blood and resurrection. I never speak down to my kids but am rather quite frank about the things of the Lord. Wash your little ones with the Word all throughout the day--we have a promise that it will not return void. Blessings on your ministry as a mama.

Kristy... said...

I think that being cautious about it is a good thing due to his age.. the scary thing can be alot of time when children "get saved" they say the words and hten claim it, the parents get estatic and then it is that they "got saved at such and such age"
this happened to my father and my brotehr whom to look at them you would never think they were Christians BUT, as children they said they were saved, a huge deal was made and now, they ARE saved and have NO reason to go to church or hear the Gospel...
Tho, I think its WONDERFUL that he broke down the way he did, and I think that Tammy is right, if he isnt saved.. he is closer now...and YAY for that!