Tuesday, May 5, 2009

End of the Year Party!

After breaking over a week of silence, I have so much to blog about. We've certainly been a busy group of folks! As any other busy mom, I still have plenty to do. What I think I'll do is break up last week's events into a few posts. That way I don't take up too much time with one big post and I have plenty of things to blog about!

Monday began our last week of school. We kicked off the week with a field trip of sorts. We took the kids to a bowling alley during the day. (Not a place we enjoy at night) The kids had a great time!

Lydia needed some help from Dad to learn how to push the bowling ball down the ramp.

Ethan added some "style" to every frame he bowled.

John wasn't too sure what bowling style he would use, but he was sure that he was far too big to use the ramp that the younger ones were using.

Dad works every day...even his days off.

Now honestly, I don't usually feel to comfortable in a bowling alley. They can get to being pretty rough places, especially at night. Even when we take the teenagers we go in the early afternoon. We took the kids right after an early lunch, and we were pretty comfortable.

We had the whole place to ourselves!

Patiently waiting our own turns.

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