Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Miniature Graduate

I'm honestly of the opinion that, really, kindergarten graduations are pretty silly. Sorry if you disagree, but that's just how I feel. Our homeschool fellowship group said that they would be holding a graduation ceremony for high school and kindergarten graduates. So, we decided to participate. The ceremony will commence Friday night. Until then, here are a few shots of my oldest in his pee-wee sized cap and gown.

Today I take John for his annual evaluation, a requirement in my state. It's the first one that we've done, so I'm rather nervous. Our evaluator (a friend of a friend) seems pretty relaxed about everything, it's just a first time thing for us. I'm not sure what to expect. I'm completely confident that he'll do just fine. It's my end that I'm worried about. Homeschooling in Florida is pretty regulated and I hope that his lesson plan book and work portfolio are what she had in mind.

3 edifying expressions:

Kristi said...

I agree with you...Kindy graduations are very silly. However, they're a lot of fun!!
To me, Kindergarten graduations are right up there with junior high school students ordering class rings now. *rolling eyes.* lol

I'm sure he'll do great on his evaluation!!


HsKubes said...

I hope the evaluation went well.
We have to test here in NC
and just did that last week.
We're glad it's over. ;o)

I agree with your thoughts on kindergarten graduations but, either way, he does look very nice in his cap and gown. ;o)

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!
~ Christina

Tammy said...

Awww, Kindergarten graduations are there merely for the cuteness factor, lol! And he is a cutey!

I'm sure he'll do great with his evaluation - Don't worry, momma! ;o)