Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Homeschool Prayer Answered

It may seem like a small thing, but I wanted to blog my praise for the Lord providing textbooks for next year. I (finally) made the trip down to Roland's yesterday, a local homeschool consignment shop. I got all of the first grade teacher books that I needed for a great rate. The Phonics and Reading text was in fantastic shape, although it was very much written in. I don't know if it's because I love books so much, or if it's the old public schooler in me, but a super pet peeve of mine is writing in books. Anyway, I got it for $9 off retail, but it was the only one they had in stock, which explains the higher price. The Spelling book was $5 (retails $14.25) and the Arithmetic book was $10 (retails $24). Another great blessing was this set of 175 arithmetic flashcards I wanted. Yes, I could have made them if I had an idea of what they looked like. One of the problems was that they have been out of stock forever at abeka.com. I did make a trip to the campus bookstore to get the kid's workbooks, but I simply was NOT going to pay the retail price of $27.25!! Rolands had one set in stock marked $10!! In really great shape too. Unfortunately, I didn't find any student workbooks with pages missing. As long as I have a majority of the student book, I don't mind making my own worksheets. We also got the History Curriculum for $5 (retail $11.25). Then sort of an extra: I really like A Beka's Primary Bible, but it takes excerpts that are passages that a kindergartener or first grader can actually read. The words that may be a bit harder are hyphened out to make sounding out easier. It's a Bible that they can read independently. I bought all of John's readers for dirt cheap on eBay a while back, including the Bible Reader, but it's not in great shape. Furthermore, I have two readers in the house. If they can read, what better for them to read than the Word of God?

We're hoping to start school back either Tuesday July 7 or Tuesday July 14. Unfortunately, that will coincide with VBS, but I just can't start any later than that. Yes, it's a bit early, but the reason why (I may have mentioned this) is that I plan on taking plenty of time off in August when our next blessing arrives. With camp coming fast upon us at June 22nd, I really am glad to get this out of the way. One thing that I don't care for is waiting until the last minute to do ANYTHING!! It's just not my style. Here's a picture of what I got from Roland's, but I didn't get Lydia's hand from Rolands!

Then she wanted me to take a picture of her with the stuff. You can tell from the hairdo that she's been outside!

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Tammy said...

Yeah! Praise the Lord! It must feel good to be all set. :o) We were going to order ours and have them brought down this month, but ran out of dinero. We're adding a student this year, and it's going to cost us around $600! Ugh.