Monday, June 22, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again

Today we are headed off to youth camp. Most of all, please pray that God moves in the hearts of our teens who are attending. Please also pray for my safety as I am due in about 9 weeks and for our family as we are temporarily separated. Every year when we leave for youth camp, I wonder how it is that mothers can leave their children day in and day out under the constant care of others and think nothing of it. It is completely unnatural. Especially remember my kids as they were taking it pretty hard last night. I'm still looking for that youth camp that will allow your kids to come with you (without having to pay the typical $150-$200 camp price tag per kid).

I'll be back as quickly as I can manage with a few pictures. But it may take a while. I'll have gobs of stuff to do when I make it back!

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Kimberly said...

I so agree with you on the separation thing, we are very fortunate that our church rents out a local Bible camp for a week, there is an area for RV camping. Last year was the first time we went and our 4 younger children; we stayed in the RV area, they stayed with us, we were definately the exception. It is still an expensive outing for us, at just over $100 each. If you are staying in the camps cabins and eating their food the fees jump to way over $200 each, we could never afford that! Our children like staying with us, and in our trailer, it is such a treat to be camping. Camp time is coming up in the next couple weeks for us too. The camp my daughter worked at last summer, in MN (Inspiration Point)has weeks that are "family camp", children can stay with parents. We'll keep ya'll in our prayers.

Kristy... said...

Thanks Elizabeth... I am in a MUCH better mood today :P
Yesterday was mully grub city.

I feel better today , physically and emotionally..... I should have waited to throw my pity party :P

In the first half of this pregnancy, I had low blood sugar, your right its NOT fun... blech.