Sunday, June 14, 2009

North Korean Missionaries

The Associated Press reports that, in response to UN sanctions, it will seek to "weaponize" all its plutonium. As a Christian, I am not at all worried about the current North Korea news. If they drop a bomb on northwest Florida I am fully persuaded that I and my family will be taken care of.

My thoughts and prayers at this time to a missionary family that I know. I will not post their names on the internet for their safety. They have been called to North Korea and are currently serving in North Korea. Of course, they must work very discreetly and "undercover." With North Korea flexing its muscle, this family if discovered, could be in very grave danger. I want to keep as many details as possible about this family unpublished, but they would surely be found guilty of espionage.

Surely this family is not the only missionaries to North Korea. Every time I read a story on North Korea, my heart has been burdened for this family and others who are secretly working in the communist nation. I, as an American, cannot completely comprehend the gravity of this situation. Freedom of speech, religion, etc are things that I unknowingly take for granted. As our world sees more political unrest, please remember to pray for missionaries.

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Tammy said...

I will pray for your missionary friends, and for others around the world doing the work of Jesus "under cover". Thank God for them!