Thursday, July 2, 2009


I just feel terrible that I haven't made a post-camp post yet. It was a tremendous blessing. Many thanks to everyone who prayed for us. Just to hit some of the highlights, one of the things that I liked about this camp was that there was a lot of opportunity for the youth groups to stay together as a unit. For us, this is a good thing. Our teens get a long really well most of the time, so they got to really bond and such as that. The camp was on the campus of Pensacola Christian College and was preached by Pastor Kenny Baldwin and by Evangelist Ray McCormick. I have heard Bro. Baldwin before and his messages have always been edifying. It was the first time I've heard Bro. McCormick; he was just fantastic. Both are great youth speakers. I promised pictures, but I forgot my camera! Shame on me. Since we were on such a big college campus, the walking and walking and walking was pretty hard on me. By Thursday, I thought I was just really going to go into labour. I am exhausted and very glad to be home.

Since we've been home, we've been flying by the seat of our pants (or dress). Now that camp is out of the way we're really trying to get everything ready for our soon-to-arrive little man reward from the Lord. (7 1/2 weeks to go and counting!) We seriously have done nothing to prepare. I have no idea where my modest cape for nursing is. I want to make a babywearing thingy, similar to a Moby Wrap. But I'm ABSOLUTELY NOT paying SEVENTY ridiculous dollars for a piece of fabric that I can buy for $2-$4 dollars a yard. I don't hold babies all the time, but when you're just busy and you need your hands it can be a life saver. I had one of those Infantino Baby Carriers with Lydia and it was horridly uncomfortable. If you wore it for more than half an hour there was lots of pressure on my shoulders. It isn't practical to put a baby that weighs more than 15 pounds in it. Other than those things, we don't really need a lot of time to get ready for baby since we've gotten a little experience under our belts. Really all he needs is a mother's milk and he'll be just fine. But just trying to decide where the baby's going to sleep and such, setting up the crib again, etc. Still tons of other stuff to do though. I'm also trying to get things ready to start school. Not to mention that there are about 2 gallons of tomatoes that need to be canned and a bucked of peas that haven't been shelled yet and the laundry from camp is only partly washed.

One more note and then I need to get going. I decided to try the Shampoo Free Experiment that I read about over at This Pilgrimage. I was intrigued by it because anything non-chemical is intriguing to me, but I wasn't too sure I wanted to try it. Well, I decided to just once and simply fell in love it it! My hair is on the dry side, mostly straight, fine, medium thickness and reaches about half-way down my back. I've wanted to grow it back out to my waist for years, but always failed because of breakage, damage, split ends and frizzies. I was using 2-4 conditioners every time I washed and smoothing creams to try to get that awful breakage frizz under control. When I use the baking soda and vinegar (you can read at the link to This Pilgrimage above), I have had ZERO frizz and used NO extra conditioners. I do use a bit more vinegar than Tammy does though because I put it on the ends and everywhere I have breakage problems (which is about everywhere!). I think when I go to the store again I'm going to buy a little pump sprayer bottle to get the vinegar on my hair. That may be a lot easier.

Anyway, what sold me on it was this: when you use the soda and vinegar you can't use it often because the soda is so strong. So, for camp, when I would be very sweaty and stinky, I brought regular shampoo and conditioner. My hair was so incredibly frizzy that even my husband asked what was going on with my hair. He pretty much said, I'll be glad when we get home and you get your baking soda back. HA! HA! Well, after just one washing my hair was much improved. I washed it again last night and it feels nearly back to normal. I am completely SOLD on this no-shampoo thing.

One more thing...when we got home, our house was infested with this bugs. I think they are drain flies, but I'm not sure. We're trying to get them under control, but we may have to call in the bug man for these guys. I mean, they are evil and they are trying to conquor my house!

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Kristy... said...

I wasnt sure if you were having a boy or a girl... how exciting a little boy, do You have a name picked out?
Preparing for baby is so exciting.. I always feel this huge rush to get it all done and then, I sit and stare at it waiting..
Its so funny that you posted about this. My dh and I were driving a couple weeks ago and he was saying how he liked when I left my hair curly *natural*. I told him that I wanted to look into this thing called "Curly girl" which is the same as what you described.. thanks for the link... I will be sure to try it soon.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, he's a boy. I think we've maybe (finally) decided on Josiah David...maybe. haha. We've had the most trouble naming this baby. We got down a lot of the baby stuff from the attic last night. Now I have tons of washing to do! I want to get most of it done before we start school on the 14th, but we'll see.

Tell me how the hair stuff works for you! :-)

Kristy... said...

oH I LOVE JOSIAH... with our last son, Kaleb, we couldnt come up with a name, in fact, he was nameless for awhile, we went to the hospital with a list of 8 names.. Kaleb NOT being one of them.. funny how it works out.

I was also going to tell you about the ultimate baby wrap... I intend to use that as a "sling" ... it requires NO rings and it doesnt go on your shoulder.. you can Youtube videos on how to use it.. basically its like 2-3 yards of jersey nit fabric and you wrap it and tie it.. I have a link I will send you one.. you can see how its used... if you are interested. I am not a slinger usually but, I do like to do it in first weeks ESPECAILLY since I have a 3 year old who is NOT ready to come out of the stroller yet.. :P

Tammy said...

Loved this catch-up post! So glad camp went well, and - hey - I want you to tell me HOW you change your font sizes in your posts!!


Glad you like the baking soda and vinegar, too! I just love how it treats my hair, and it's so simple. :o)

Sorry I haven't been around as much! My parents came to visit for 18 wonderful days, and I'm now trying to catch up on emails, blogs, ETC. ETC.! lol

Take care, my friend!