Friday, July 3, 2009

What's Worked for You?

I've been going through some baby boy clothes in preparation for the new baby. I've always been careful to take very good care of our baby clothes. They have held up well over the past six years. Some of them have spit up stains on them. Probably no one would notice because they are so light, but I know they're there and I want them gone! :-) I've read a million suggestions of how to remove old spit up stains on the web, but nothing consistent or what I'd call reliable or proven. Anyone out there have suggestions that they've tried and proved? The stains are only from breast formula, cereal, baby food, etc.

3 edifying expressions:

Kristy... said...

Well I had this problem.. I unpacked all of my daughters clothes.. who is now six and was horrified.. " I KNOW THEY DIDNT HAVE THESE STAINS WHEN I PUT THEM AWAY"
But, alas they were there.
My mother in law asked me to bring htem over to "try" and get them out.. what she did was let the washer fill, added oxyclean and then let them soak, she would start the aggitator *sp* lol every so often then, after time would run the load.. for those PESKY ones, she would line dry in the sun, the sun does wonders.. do you know that ALL of the stains came out of EVERYthing... I was so estatic... I wanted those clothes to be rewarn so badly.
So, OXYCLEAN.. is what I am getting at :P Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

Michele said...

I will lay the stained clothing in the bright bright sun. I kept lots of my baby clothes too and found this to be a problem. I KNEW I didn't put those things up dirty!
I've never used oxyclean, it's worth a try at least!

Elizabeth said...

Just letting y'all know, I tried the Oxiclean and it got it out! Whew! Thanks a ton. I was going to try the bright sun first, but we've had a lack of it lately! :P