Friday, August 7, 2009

Short Picture Post

Finally got the camera out...

And made Lydia the dress with pockets she wanted. I really love this pattern for play clothes. It's very very simple. You could easily sew it, start to finish, in under an hour. The back has one button with an elastic loop. I have to add that she picked out the fabric. She loves "blowers."

I was also able to make her a pair of bloomers to match. It was tiny bit harder for me, as I am not accustom to sewing things with inseams!

Then, naturally we have to take pictures of everyone. :-) Ethan has really done a lot of maturing in how he talks, acts and just how he looks.

Here's John putting the wraps on his morning chores. Both boys have done a lot of growing here lately.

2 edifying expressions:

HsKubes said...

Love the pics!
Great job on the dress.
It looks like it does make a wonderful playdress. What pattern is it?
Love the bloomers, too. I desperately need to make more soon. ;o) (I don't much like inseams either)

~ Christina

Elizabeth said...

It's Simplicity "It's So Easy" pattern #4927. You'll have to add quite a bit of length to the bottom and some to the sleeves though. It was only about $3 at Walmart! The whole dress only has 10 pieces, including facings, pockets and sleeves.

The bloomers I sort of tweaked out of the pants on Simplicity pattern #9854. Seems like the little girls really put some wear on bloomers. Reminds me of my boys who always wear holes in the knees of their jeans.