Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From Around the House

Monday we took the family grocery shopping together. It was something that I did with the children, but lately it seems that I've been going on my Mr. Wonderful's day off. He'll keep the older two while I took Lydia. Yesterday was the first shopping trip since my surgery. I'm still not at all at 100%...most days I'm not even running at 50 or 25%, honestly. We had several errands to run and since I'm certainly not healthy enough to make a trip to the grocery store, we made a day of it. I was exhausted and in a good bit of pain when I got home, but we all had a completely wonderful time together!

One of our stops was at to Bible Baptist Bookstore to get a Bible that was a gift for this year's youth challenge. They have many, many kinds of study Bibles, and all they carry is King James Bibles. That makes it so much easier. As we were waiting to get the winner's name engraved on the front of the Bible, Jeremy saw this beaut.

We spent a lot of time looking through it, to be sure that the recommended treatments were trustworthy. Many of the remedies are the same as what has been recommended by our nutritionist-friend. The whole encyclopedia is filled with the Scriptures and encouraging comments by saints of old. And since it was over half off the retail price, we decided to get it. The first thing I did with it was to look up some herbs to help my get over this c-section. I found a few that I think will do some good.

Today our home is in major need of a serious blessing, as I have not been well enough to clean house. Here are the children busy at their tasks. It's so hard to teach little ones how to clean house properly, but it's worth the patience and effort. Once you get more than one or two kids, it takes more than one person to clean house and keep it properly cleaned.

Lydia had to clean up the baking soda she tracked all over the living room. While she was at it, she did the hallway too.

Ethan did the dusting.

John vacuumed up the rooms that have carpet.

Josiah didn't help, :-) but I just thought I'd share how he likes to sleep: wrapped up tight! He is now 3 1/2 weeks old ... and still has his umbilical cord stump. I wish that nasty thing would fall off!!

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Kimberly said...

Well, good job on getting out - I'm sure you were very tired, but it is good to get outside, it's so easy to stay in with a newborn! Gross on the umbilical thing - my last child's didn't fall off for ever either, and an "atta-parents" award for involving your children in the chores! We've done that for years, it really pays off, producing children who aren't afraid of a good days work!

Tammy said...

Hurray for little helpers! And your little papoose is adorable!! :o)