Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Frugal Fun

Ever since I had more than 1 child, I've used a baby carrier of some sort. To each his own, but I really strongly dislike carrying my child in the car seat for several reasons. For one, it is so extremely heavy with a child in it, and recovering from c-section, I can't lift baby in the car seat for a while. For two, it's so bulky. Seems like it's always in someone's way. For three, it just seems like something is not right with being out on a long shopping trip and only picking your baby up for feedings. Guess I'm sort of hands-on. I've used a backpack-style carrier with Ethan and Lydia and was sorely disappointed in them. Too much strain on the shoulders. You may remember me posting that I wanted to try something new this time and that I made a Moby wrap-style carrier.

Well, after a few trial-and-error sessions at tying it up and watching several demonstrations on YouTube, here are some photos of me and Josiah.

I'm not looking so great, but I'm only 11 days postpartum. :-P It looks like he's smothered from this angle. His head is tucked in to keep it from flopping everywhere, but his nose and mouth are clear of obstruction.

You certainly don't have to hold on to him, but I wanted to be sure you could see him in there. Ethan saw what all was going on and, of course we heard, "Take my picture too, Daddy!"

A closer up shot of him snuggled up by Mommy.

I really love this carrier for several reasons. I can wear him in it for hours and never feel any strain on my shoulders or back if I remember to use good posture. Price, naturally is another kicker for me. To buy a new name brand carrier can be as much as $60 or $70, depending on style. I bought a higher quality fabric than I normally do. I also bought 5 yards in a continuous piece, so I spent about $25. But, since this fabric came on a 60" bolt and I only needed a width of 20", I have plenty leftover to make dresses for me and Lydia! I like it too because, being homemade, it's personal. I love my little owl patch that marks the center! I also bought a fabric that wouldn't ravel, so I didn't have to sew a stitch, except where I sewed on the iron-on applique´to be sure it didn't fall off. Oh, and in this carrier he is so much more secure than in the backpack-style one. His head doesn't fall over to one side or the other, nor does his head bounce and bobble when I walk.

Maybe I could make a few of these up and sell them on eBay...

haha, like I have time for that.

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mummynat said...

:( i miss my carrier and my babies. I have one of those, and it was always used, i was a total baby carrier. Even Ryan used it. I had Teyla wrapped up in it and under my coat when i went for her 8 week check at the doctors, and the receptionists double checked cause they thought i was still pregnant!!

Paulina said...

Cute! I'm sure your baby is enjoying it too :)

Kristy... said...

This is the type of sling that I use.. I have 3 slings and ahve tried several... this is the most cozy for SURE... Tho, I need to buy some new material *mine was given to me* and its too stretchy and she slides down alot while we walk.
I LOVE the owl... TOO CUTE... And so is he!
Nice to "see" you.