Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2001

Where were you eight years ago? It is one of those days that you'll always remember. You'll remember the most insignificant nuances from that day. Like the Oklahoma City bombing. I had just turned 16 and was ironing a shirt to get ready to spend Spring Break with some friends. I remember not being able to understand why someone would purposely want to hurt so many other people. I also remember the same lack of understanding with the World Trade Center attack. When I first heard the news I had just gotten to work and as I was getting out of my car a co-worker said, "Did you hear? A big jet liner just hit the World Trade Center!" I remember saying to her in reply, "It just hit the building? I know it's tall, but sheesh, how could he have run into such a huge building? Wasn't he flying a bit low?"

It wasn't until a bit later that we came to understand that hitting the World Trade Center was the exact point. My boss, who lived right around the corner from where I worked, went home to get a TV so that we could watch the news. As customers came into the bank I worked at, I remember how heartbroken everyone seemed. I remember the disbelief in everyone's eyes.

In the coming weeks, I remember also how the nation banded together. I remember how people flocked into churches. How people called on the Lord to help our nation.

I'd love to hear what you remember about September 11, 2001.

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Kristy... said...

I was driving a school bus, and I was on my way home from my morning run to go home, get ready and go to my waitressing job before returning to pick the kids up in the afternoon.
I had the radio on in my car and I heard that the first plane had flown into the trade center.. I thought "wow, Ill bet they find out that that pilot was "under the influence" of something".
I walked in and my moms face was somber, she was watching the news and the second has just hit... I was dumbfounded, and frightened.
I went to my waitressing job, we had the radio on and NO customers. we all just sort of sat around together talking about it... it was so unreal all of the news of all the planes hit... it seemes as tho we were in a dream.
I went back to my bus driving job, we had a meeting and were told that we were NOT to have the radios on in our busses under NO circumstances. They did not want us to frighten the kids.
We took them home and I went home. All night long the fighter jets few overhead.. I live near a base.. they protected our skies and while thier presence gave me a piece of mind, it was also the most eerie sound I have ever heard. A sound I proud to hear, but devistated to hear at the same time, if that makes sense?

char said...

I worked nights at Hertz rental car reservation call center so I was actually still asleep. My mom, who also worked for hertz, called me and told me to turn the tv on. As I was watching the coverage, I just cried thinking about my 4 year old son and the fact that I was a couple months pregnant with my first daughter. I just knew we were about to have a war on our own land and our whole world would be changing. Mom told me Hertz was approving ANY AND ALL overtime so after a few minutes I got ready and went into work about 5 hours early. It was CRAZY with people calling that were supposed to be flying to New York and now wanting a rental car and others that were supposed to drop cars there now wanting to just drive them to other states or people in other states just deciding not to fly at all wanting a car. The biggest thing that stood out was the fact that we had 300-500 calls on hold ALL day long but everyone was so polite and thankful for everything we tried to do to help them-which is 100 0/0 different from any normal day at a call center! It was so sad what had to take place for people to come together and be friendly. I heard costumers tell me "God bless you" more in one day than I did in the 7 years I worked there!

Kimberly said...

Our youngest was 5 1/2 months old - I'd been up with her a few times in the night, it 7am or so PDT; my phone rings it's my sister, telling me to turn on the tv (we had tv/cable back them) that people were flying planes into buildings. The day was beautiful here, much like it is today, uncharacteristically warm. I turned the tv on to see what had already happened because of the time difference. I then called my husband, no one at his office had heard about it either. My parents had flown to California for a vacation, they soon became part of the number of folks who had to rent a car to get home to WA, if they weren't able to rent a car, my sister and I had plans to go get them- We did not do school that day, I brought a small tv we had upstairs, to the downstairs, I just remember sitting there, clinging to my baby, my toddler and young children were either right outside from where I was, happily playing in the sand or playing in the other room while for hours I watched over and over what had happened. As I think about that time, I guess I was watching, hoping that what I was seeing really wasn't real. Nicole was 12, Natalie was 2,the boys were 5, it was there first weeks of homeschool kindergarten, they had a soccer practice that evening, nobody knew what to do - their coach went ahead with the practice, it was a Christian sports league so we prayed, while military jets flew overhead, keeping watch... it was a very surreal time. I bought I think both the copy of Time and Newsweek magazines, as I knew that most of the children wouldn't really remember what happened, every now and then we will pull them out for a look and rememberance and we do wave our flag on this day. We actually felt safe in our home and community, with the large military presence we have in the area, we weren't so confident when Hubby had to go to work in the city, it can be dangerous any day.