Friday, October 23, 2009

Coming Home!!!!!!

Jeremy stayed with Josiah last night. Once the doctor said he'd probably be coming home today, I consented to leaving the hospital. He is much improved, but still fairly weak. His "tone," as is the medical word for it, isn't exactly where it needs to be. No more fevers since Sunday. It was so nice to actually sleep after a week at the hospital. Jeremy called about 2 hours ago and said that Dr. Page was writing his DISCHARGE PAPERS!!!! She also said that she was being a little lenient on his tone, but (1) when she makes her rounds at 7:30 it is a sleepy time for him. It's the time that we're trying to get school really started and I've been working on training him to nap at this time and (2) it's just going to take a while to get him built back up. The poor tiger lost over a whole pound (he was only 11 lbs to start with!) in just a few days, so that's just going to take a while to recover from. How would I feel if I lost 10% of my body mass in just 4 days? I'll post exactly what happened later, but for now I have to make preparations for little man and hubby-wubby's coming home!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who prayed for Josiah, me and our family during this ordeal. He still has a bit to go before he's at 100%.

On the way home I was listening to Pensacola Christian's radio station which features periodic news casts. I have been completely away from everything for a week. I get to hear about the "hate crimes" bill and a seven year old girls body found in a landfill. Welcome back to the world... *sarcasm*

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Kimberly said...

Yipee! It's much easier to recover at home, getting him back into his routine will help alot.

Yeah, the news has been pretty grim this week.

Kristy... said...

YAY YAY YAY.... praise the Lord for Josiahs homecomming! I know you are THRILLED!
I have been there, several times with my one son... tho his first hospital stay wasnt until he was 6 months old!

char said...

So glad to hear baby boy is doing better and home! I will continue to pray for his full recovery-and yours. I know after just a few days in the hospital bedside chair/bed with Kalysa took me longer to get over than her surgery. She bounced right back but I had to work out all the kinks and catch up on some sleep in a real bed. :) Yall have a great weekend home together!