Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still at the Hospital

Every day has new challenges. We're still here. Josiah is not well enough to even start to think about coming home. He's very weak. He's had to have a feeding tube, but his appitite is very gradually coming back. He's much improved, but has a long way to go. Doctor thinks that it was that ugly virus Ethan and I had. God is teaching me much during these long and worrisome days.
My prayer is that we are home by Friday if God would allow Josiah to be well enough by then. I miss my other three kids something terrible. Can't wait for life to get back to normal!!!!! We're hanging on there.

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Kristy... said...

Oh I am SO sorry to hear that you are still there.. but glad to hear that he is improving.
praying for your family!!!!

Kimberly said...

Glad to hear that he's improving, it probably seems like forever. I can say that my fifth child (4th preg.) and I both had a slow start - in what seemed to go on forever, I was sure the other children thought I'd abandonned them; in the right time, they welcomed me and baby home with big wide open arms, just like the Father! Hang in, I'll keep praying for you.