Tuesday, October 13, 2009


You may think it's nothing. Just a six year old boy at play with his hammer and nails. But when he proudly gave this gift to Mommy I asked him to tell me about it and was very pleased with the sheer thoughtfulness.

"See Mom, it's a Bible holder! It's for when you're feeding Josiah you can still read your Bible!" It really warmed my heart. He thought of it all himself. Daddy did have to give a little advice on how to build it.

Friday we went to Turtle Point. We brought them bread, which didn't go over too well. The ducks have been fed way too much and can be sort of aggressive. I was hands-free since I had Josiah in my homemade baby carrier, but it was still a challenge, to be sure. The above picture captures everything in the pond: ducks, turtle, ducklings and, if you look closely, fish. After we left, I treated the kids to Icees.

A better picture of the fish.

The ducks are always bullying the turtles and everyone else.

They all wanted cuddle time, so Jeremy took the opportunity to snap a picture.

Josiah is such a hungry baby. Lydia was content with mother's milk for a very long time, but I thought we'd try something more solid to try to help Josiah sleep longer at night. Here's his first spoon-fed meal.

By time we got done there was plenty all over his face.

4 edifying expressions:

Kristy... said...

How did it work? did he stay asleep longer?
I am afraid of giving Abby ANYthing more solid as much as she sleeps. But, I do secretly long for the days I get to give her mushy yummies that end up more so all over her face then in her tummy.. FUN.
What a sweet sweet gift from your son. HOw thoughtful.
Love the cuddle pic.. so cute how they are showing off their footballs... :)

Elizabeth said...

We haven't had much luck with the cereal, but it's been our fault. Dinners has been late the past few nights and he's been too tired to really eat well. I'd imagine with church tonight he won't do well then either. Maybe Thursday?

I wouldn't be giving Josiah anything more if he were sleeping better. Why not just make it easier on yourself and stick with the breast ... or bottles, whatever's the case.

You are soooooo blessed that Abby is sleeping. I'm so looking forward to when Josiah sleeps better.

Several of our youth attend the local high school. Jeremy takes the boys and sometimes Lydia when he goes. Our pastor sometimes goes too. He caught a couple of footballs and gave them to the boys last week. They were so proud of them. If I could just get them to stop playing football in the house...

Kristy... said...

I wont be giving solids anytime soon but, I DO SO LOVE IT. At least at first.. then when I am in the kitchen making baby food I often wonder "why did I want this so badly?" lol
Yah I am lucky that Abby sleeps. I thought for SURE with her schedule at the NICU *every two hours* that I would NEVER sleep again.
Josiah will sleep soon.. Hopefully the cereal works better when he gets it in him earlier.

HsKubes said...

I just love his bib! lol
I love the picture of you with the children, too. ;o)
What fun to go feed the animals. I really enjoyed looking at all of the pics.
And what a precious, thoughtful gift from your son. It just warmed my heart, too!

~ Christina