Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Happened Anyway?

I'm going to try to sum up exactly what happened last week.

Tuesday 10/13 - Ethan starts running fever about 101.5. The fever passes in about 18 hours.

Wednesday 10/14 - I start running fever which peaked out at 103.5. Kicked it in 18 hours.

Thursday 10/15 - Josiah starts running fever around 101.5. I'm thinking he's going to kick it in 18 hours or so too. I called the doctor to ask about keeping little man hydrated, since he is 100% breastfed. The doctor is insisting that he be seen. He's acting just like himself and I'm thinking this is just silly. But I do trust our pediatrician. She also respects our homeopathic slant. I bring him in and she is not too worried about him, but gives him a shot of Rocephin just in case he makes a turn for the worst. He has a CBC and urine culture at a local lab. Both are normal relatively normal. The CBC shows slightly elevated platelets and a bit of blood in his urine.

Friday 10/16 - Josiah is still running fever and had been over 24 hours. I can't get it down. Not with Tylenol, not with homeopathy. He is a bit lethargic. Dr. Page spends about 5 minutes with him and calls the hospital to get him a bed. The doctor orders many blood tests and VRP. He is also put on IV drip of 10 mL per hour to keep hydrated. He is also given Rocephin every 12 hours.

Saturday 10/17 - Josiah's fever stays around 102 to 102.5. He acts very feverish and more lethargic than he was Friday. His appetite begins to wane. The fever is unresponsive to Tylenol. To get it to break they increase his Tylenol to 120 mg and administer it by suppository. The recommended oral dose for his age is 40 mg. His dosage brings his temp down to the uppers 100's, but still doesn't break it. All tests come back normal.

Sunday 10/18 - The same routine with the Tylenol, but we start to see breaks in the fever. But he still has fever spikes. That morning the tech comes in to take his vitals and he shows a normal temp. Just ten minutes later the nurse comes in to check on him and he is looking extremely limp and lethargic. In that short time his temp jumped to 103.9! This is where he really takes a bad turn. They get the temp down. But it really takes a toll on him. He is completely limp. He is constantly sleeping, not even waking up to eat. I try and he won't even open his eyes. I mean, he's more limp than a premature baby. He won't even pick up his hands. They repeat the tests. When they draw blood he doesn't even flinch. He doesn't run any more fever after this evening. He's kicked it, but it's taken every ounce of his strength. They take him off the breast and give him expressed breastmilk in order to see how much he'll take. He takes between 1/4 and 1/2 oz in 20 minutes and is exhausted. Normal for a 7 week old is 4 oz. He has lost a whole pound and his IV fluids are increased to 16 mL per hour.

Monday 10/19 - Same as the day before. They begin tests for meningitis and neurological disorders. The pediatrician consults a neurologist for his opinion about a CT scan. He is still just as limp. His eyes do not dilate nor do they respond to light. The doctor orders an NG tube through the nose in the afternoon since he won't eat. After he has just 2 feeds he begins to open his eyes a bit.

Tuesday 10/20 to Thursday 10/22 - he becomes steadily stronger, but is still very weak. Tuesday and Wednesday he is getting some of his feeds down completely by mouth, but sometimes still needs the help of the NG tube. Very early Thursday morning he manages to pull his NG tube out, which was really funny. I had grabbed his hands over and over to be sure he doesn't pull it out. I turn my back to grab a diaper and there it went. Dr. Page was ecstatic.

Friday 10/23 - Dr. Page discharges Josiah. She admits that he is still pretty limp, but thinks the best thing for him is to finish recovering at home. When we asked her what was exactly wrong, she says that she thinks he had the flu and got it from me and Ethan. She thinks that the VRP's, which test for flu, gave false negatives every time.

To everyone who prayed for my little man and me and my family, from the bottom of my heart...thank you!!! It was a very difficult time for us. Not just because of the sickness but here's why. I've heard preaching before and read before about trusting God when you can't really see what He's doing. And about trusting him when you don't really feel His guiding hand. When we lost our baby last year, it was really hard. The hardest thing I had been through. But I felt God's peace and his love. He really took me through it. He let me know that I was in His hands. He gave assurance. This past week I felt more like the Canaanite woman of Matthew 15. I was crying out and it felt like God was not saying anything. I have never felt so lonely. It was a real test, I think. As Josiah got better God began to reassure me, but while we were in the thick of it, maybe God was trying to see if I'd trust him no matter what. Hopefully that makes sense. I'm not always great at explaining stuff. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad the your child was healed by the good hand of God. I would love to see some updated picture of the little one soon. God Bless and keep writing those wonderful articles.

Sally, Greg and Hannah said...

So glad that your little one is feeling better. There is nothing more difficult than watching your baby suffer with any type of illness...big or small.

God is good!

Kristy... said...

I am so so glad that Joshiah is home! what a scary experience. I often wonder how people go through stuff like that without the Lord.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, ladies. :-)