Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So, I've been on this quest to make miso soup. It is a difficult task since the nearest Asian market is about 50 miles away. I went to Publix and hoped that they would have some of the things I needed there. Alas, all they had was tofu. They did have a pack of stuff labeled "sushi seaweed," which is sort of vague. I thought maybe it'll work for the kombu I need to make dashi. Well, it of course wouldn't. Now I have a pack of nori in my pantry and I'm thinking "what am I going to do with this?!" Well, I also have about 3 cups of rice in my fridge and you guessed it!

Unfortunately it's a tiny picture. I took it with my cell phone since my hubby-wubby took the camera to work today. I looked around the house to try to find something to go in my sushi. All I could find was carrot and salmon. The vinegar I used was white Italian vinegar. So it's Italian-American sushi, I guess. It tastes pretty good. I tried to get the roll good and tight, but that's hard. Maybe if I had a makisu it could be easier. Anyway, thought I'd share my yummies with everyone!

And perhaps this endeavor was partly inspired by Mrs. Happy Hermit! ;-)

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Happy Hermit ( said...

Wonderfull !! It just takes time to get used to rolling it. I sometimes mess up and put too much goodness in :)
Italian Sushi. :) Making do with what you is fun , its like stepping into a whole new world . I love trying new things like that. I am glad that I could help / inspire you.

Kimberly said...

Merry Christmas, Elizabeth! My Grandma second husband was Japanese, I grew up knowing about Japanese food! When life leaves you seaweed, make sushi rolls!!!

Kristy... said...

YUMMM sushi! Its my fav.. my hubby takes me for sushi for my birthday every year. I have never attempted to make it myself.. GO YOU.. I wish I had a picture of my birthday cake for my thirtieth birthday.. my friends made it look like.. YUP you guessed it.. SUSHI! it was so cool.. my birthday party was held at a japanese steak house that served sushi as well and I made everyone there try it! LOL