Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quality Conservative Christian Music for Download

Not for free, but for download. Where you ask? You'll be surprised when I tell you on iTunes! When you go to the iTunes store (first you have to install iTunes, but you knew that, right?) search for Champion Baptist College. I was totally shocked to see that Champion Baptist College, under the earthly leadership of Dr. Eric Capaci, has music on iTunes. It is truly conservative, Scriptural, and uplifting. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Happened Anyway?

I'm going to try to sum up exactly what happened last week.

Tuesday 10/13 - Ethan starts running fever about 101.5. The fever passes in about 18 hours.

Wednesday 10/14 - I start running fever which peaked out at 103.5. Kicked it in 18 hours.

Thursday 10/15 - Josiah starts running fever around 101.5. I'm thinking he's going to kick it in 18 hours or so too. I called the doctor to ask about keeping little man hydrated, since he is 100% breastfed. The doctor is insisting that he be seen. He's acting just like himself and I'm thinking this is just silly. But I do trust our pediatrician. She also respects our homeopathic slant. I bring him in and she is not too worried about him, but gives him a shot of Rocephin just in case he makes a turn for the worst. He has a CBC and urine culture at a local lab. Both are normal relatively normal. The CBC shows slightly elevated platelets and a bit of blood in his urine.

Friday 10/16 - Josiah is still running fever and had been over 24 hours. I can't get it down. Not with Tylenol, not with homeopathy. He is a bit lethargic. Dr. Page spends about 5 minutes with him and calls the hospital to get him a bed. The doctor orders many blood tests and VRP. He is also put on IV drip of 10 mL per hour to keep hydrated. He is also given Rocephin every 12 hours.

Saturday 10/17 - Josiah's fever stays around 102 to 102.5. He acts very feverish and more lethargic than he was Friday. His appetite begins to wane. The fever is unresponsive to Tylenol. To get it to break they increase his Tylenol to 120 mg and administer it by suppository. The recommended oral dose for his age is 40 mg. His dosage brings his temp down to the uppers 100's, but still doesn't break it. All tests come back normal.

Sunday 10/18 - The same routine with the Tylenol, but we start to see breaks in the fever. But he still has fever spikes. That morning the tech comes in to take his vitals and he shows a normal temp. Just ten minutes later the nurse comes in to check on him and he is looking extremely limp and lethargic. In that short time his temp jumped to 103.9! This is where he really takes a bad turn. They get the temp down. But it really takes a toll on him. He is completely limp. He is constantly sleeping, not even waking up to eat. I try and he won't even open his eyes. I mean, he's more limp than a premature baby. He won't even pick up his hands. They repeat the tests. When they draw blood he doesn't even flinch. He doesn't run any more fever after this evening. He's kicked it, but it's taken every ounce of his strength. They take him off the breast and give him expressed breastmilk in order to see how much he'll take. He takes between 1/4 and 1/2 oz in 20 minutes and is exhausted. Normal for a 7 week old is 4 oz. He has lost a whole pound and his IV fluids are increased to 16 mL per hour.

Monday 10/19 - Same as the day before. They begin tests for meningitis and neurological disorders. The pediatrician consults a neurologist for his opinion about a CT scan. He is still just as limp. His eyes do not dilate nor do they respond to light. The doctor orders an NG tube through the nose in the afternoon since he won't eat. After he has just 2 feeds he begins to open his eyes a bit.

Tuesday 10/20 to Thursday 10/22 - he becomes steadily stronger, but is still very weak. Tuesday and Wednesday he is getting some of his feeds down completely by mouth, but sometimes still needs the help of the NG tube. Very early Thursday morning he manages to pull his NG tube out, which was really funny. I had grabbed his hands over and over to be sure he doesn't pull it out. I turn my back to grab a diaper and there it went. Dr. Page was ecstatic.

Friday 10/23 - Dr. Page discharges Josiah. She admits that he is still pretty limp, but thinks the best thing for him is to finish recovering at home. When we asked her what was exactly wrong, she says that she thinks he had the flu and got it from me and Ethan. She thinks that the VRP's, which test for flu, gave false negatives every time.

To everyone who prayed for my little man and me and my family, from the bottom of my heart...thank you!!! It was a very difficult time for us. Not just because of the sickness but here's why. I've heard preaching before and read before about trusting God when you can't really see what He's doing. And about trusting him when you don't really feel His guiding hand. When we lost our baby last year, it was really hard. The hardest thing I had been through. But I felt God's peace and his love. He really took me through it. He let me know that I was in His hands. He gave assurance. This past week I felt more like the Canaanite woman of Matthew 15. I was crying out and it felt like God was not saying anything. I have never felt so lonely. It was a real test, I think. As Josiah got better God began to reassure me, but while we were in the thick of it, maybe God was trying to see if I'd trust him no matter what. Hopefully that makes sense. I'm not always great at explaining stuff. :-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Celebrating five wonderful years with Ethan! He wanted an Alabama football cake. I think he was trying to impress his Daddy, who is the biggest Alabama fan I know.
I completely adore his cake. Our new "cake lady" really goes the extra mile. She ordered Bear Bryant style hounds tooth to go around the edges.

Yes, he's five. Where has time gone? To the left is Miss Lydia who constantly said, "I just want a little taste" with pointer finger extended toward the cake. ha!

Here is a disposable stethoscope we brought home from the hospital. The kids think it's the coolest thing ever.

Josiah is on the mend, as you can see, he's still a bit pale and weak. Here he is happy, but he has been a BEAR since he's been home. I'd imagine that after a week of super-strength Rocephin, an antibiotic, his nutrient levels are badly out of whack. When Ethan was on pharmaceuticals, he was always cranky. But since Josiah's diet is still 100% baby super food (mother's milk), he should be back in balance relatively soon. Just have to deal with lots of crying and whining in the meanwhile.

Speaking of super food, I'll mention this season's garden quickly: collards, rutabagas, carrots, onions, mustard, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. Yum!

Ooh, and I have to talk about my thrift store finds, too! I don't usually have great luck when I go. I nearly always get just 1 or 2 items and can't find anything else. The Lord really blessed this trip: Lydia got 2 or 3 (I forget) long-sleeved tops for play, a school uniform style jumper and matching shirt suitable for church or play and a really cute hoodie. I found a great long sleeved collared blouse and a jean skirt that is super comfortable. It does need some repair work. It looks like the previous owner took out the hem perhaps to lengthen it. Not very smart. The hem has been in place for so long you can't even iron the folds out. Someone wasn't thinking on that one! Then I also found a black pinstripe skirt. Great churchwear. Nothing for the boys this time, unfortunately. I don't usually have much luck finding the boys stuff. They're just so rough on clothes. Grand total? 9 items for $15. Store bought that denim skirt would have easily cost double that alone.

P.S. My love emails me all of my little typos after reading this post. Guess I'm tired or something. Anyway, I thought it was funny and the errors have been corrected. :-P

Friday, October 23, 2009

Coming Home!!!!!!

Jeremy stayed with Josiah last night. Once the doctor said he'd probably be coming home today, I consented to leaving the hospital. He is much improved, but still fairly weak. His "tone," as is the medical word for it, isn't exactly where it needs to be. No more fevers since Sunday. It was so nice to actually sleep after a week at the hospital. Jeremy called about 2 hours ago and said that Dr. Page was writing his DISCHARGE PAPERS!!!! She also said that she was being a little lenient on his tone, but (1) when she makes her rounds at 7:30 it is a sleepy time for him. It's the time that we're trying to get school really started and I've been working on training him to nap at this time and (2) it's just going to take a while to get him built back up. The poor tiger lost over a whole pound (he was only 11 lbs to start with!) in just a few days, so that's just going to take a while to recover from. How would I feel if I lost 10% of my body mass in just 4 days? I'll post exactly what happened later, but for now I have to make preparations for little man and hubby-wubby's coming home!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who prayed for Josiah, me and our family during this ordeal. He still has a bit to go before he's at 100%.

On the way home I was listening to Pensacola Christian's radio station which features periodic news casts. I have been completely away from everything for a week. I get to hear about the "hate crimes" bill and a seven year old girls body found in a landfill. Welcome back to the world... *sarcasm*

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still at the Hospital

Every day has new challenges. We're still here. Josiah is not well enough to even start to think about coming home. He's very weak. He's had to have a feeding tube, but his appitite is very gradually coming back. He's much improved, but has a long way to go. Doctor thinks that it was that ugly virus Ethan and I had. God is teaching me much during these long and worrisome days.
My prayer is that we are home by Friday if God would allow Josiah to be well enough by then. I miss my other three kids something terrible. Can't wait for life to get back to normal!!!!! We're hanging on there.

Monday, October 19, 2009

More Updates

Just updating everyone that we're still at the hospital. Josiah's fever is much better than it was. He's seeing long periods that are fever-free. When he is running fever it's not much over 100. Today's biggest challenge is Josiah's lack of appitite. He has ZERO appitite. I'm offering it to him every two hours, but he is only nursing for 10 minutes. And in those ten minutes he is not eagerly nursing.
Never does he even come close to emptying a breast. He's very lethargic and sleeps for hours and hours. When I got here, it was easy to be encouraged. It's a bit harder now. I have my Bible here and have been getting lots of encouragement from the Psalms. We've been here since Friday...maybe tomorrow will be our day to go home. If his demeanor is not better, we probably won't, but we'll see. Please keep Josiah in your prayers. He acts like such a sick little boy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Prayer Request Update

Here we sit. It's not quiet at all for a tired, fussy and sick man-baby. The pediatrician spent just a few minutes with Josiah (did I already mention we saw her at 11 today?) and was not pleased. He has been extremely fussy and just not himself. I'll be be brief because it's really hard to type on my iPod touch, but we got to the hospital at about 1 this afternoon. I'll give more details once I have a keyboard, but they're thinking maybe flu. If that's the case, they can't "treat" it because he's too little for Tamiflu, which makes me very happy. I would not want him to have it anyway. More later. I am so blessed to have you ladies praying for us!

Very Ugrent Prayer Request

We've had this fever virus at home that seems to last about 18-20 hours. No, not the flu. Just a fever. Well, Josiah has a fever now, but it's lasted more than 24 hours. I took him to the doctor yesterday. I called just to ask about keeping little man hydrated through the fever. She was very concerned. Apparently a fever in a baby less than 8 weeks is a big deal. You can still learn something new about children's sicknesses, even when you've had 4 kids! Well, she ordered blood work, which came back good. She tested his urine there at her office which showed a little blood in it. She took the rest of the urine to a lab in town to have it checked for urinary tract infection.

I am not one who is a worrier. I never ever ever call my doctor unless something is really wrong. I'm not to the point of really worrying, but I guess you could say I think it's time we got some serious prayer on this little man. The best case scenario would be that his fever broke and it was just the same virus we all had. But if not, hopefully we can find out what's been wrong with him.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


You may think it's nothing. Just a six year old boy at play with his hammer and nails. But when he proudly gave this gift to Mommy I asked him to tell me about it and was very pleased with the sheer thoughtfulness.

"See Mom, it's a Bible holder! It's for when you're feeding Josiah you can still read your Bible!" It really warmed my heart. He thought of it all himself. Daddy did have to give a little advice on how to build it.

Friday we went to Turtle Point. We brought them bread, which didn't go over too well. The ducks have been fed way too much and can be sort of aggressive. I was hands-free since I had Josiah in my homemade baby carrier, but it was still a challenge, to be sure. The above picture captures everything in the pond: ducks, turtle, ducklings and, if you look closely, fish. After we left, I treated the kids to Icees.

A better picture of the fish.

The ducks are always bullying the turtles and everyone else.

They all wanted cuddle time, so Jeremy took the opportunity to snap a picture.

Josiah is such a hungry baby. Lydia was content with mother's milk for a very long time, but I thought we'd try something more solid to try to help Josiah sleep longer at night. Here's his first spoon-fed meal.

By time we got done there was plenty all over his face.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Disaster Strikes!

When I want to bookmark a favorite webpage, I am notorious to quickly bookmark the page without organizing it. Well, today I decided to go through and organize all these pages that haven't been organized since who knows when.

I got them all done, and believe me it was a lot of them, and when I reopened Firefox, ALL my bookmarked pages are gone.

This is bad...

But it could be worse, I suppose. :-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - October 7, 2009

I would really like to incorporate more of these "Simple Woman" posts. I really like them, but sometimes I forget about them.

FOR TODAY ... October 7, 2009

Outside my window ...
it's a sticky 82 degrees outside at 8:30 this morning. Along with a dewpoint of 78 and 89% humidity, our heat index is 90. Very un-fall like weather.

I am thinking ...
of how glad I am that my Daddy had another birthday. Not that he's been ill, but I'm glad that he's been with me for 55 years now!

I am thankful for ...
Josiah sleeping better last night. He still got up every 3 hours, but he went right back to sleep instead of fighting sleep for and hour and a half after finishing nursing.

From the learning rooms ...
we plan on introducing Operational Definitions of Character Qualities in today's studies.

From the kitchen ...
tacos for dinner today. It's one of the Wednesday quick-and-easy meals! I bought a variety of apples to make an apple pie. Don't know when we'll get to that. Tomorrow?

I am wearing ...
denim skirt and an orange shirt. It may not feel like fall, but at least I look like fall!

I am creating ...
a "game day" dress for Lydia. The older boys both have game day shirts to wear with Daddy. Soon (hopefully) Lydia will too. I'm also working on a shower curtain for our bathroom.

I am going ...
maybe to the park today to feed stale bread to the turtles and ducks. We'll also be in the Lord's house tonight.

I am reading ...
Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. And of course reading my precious King James Bible.

I am hoping (praying) ...
still praying that Josiah starts sleeping through the night soon. Although he's still getting up 2-3 times a night. Continuing to pray for my children's salvation.

I am hearing ...
Lydia and Ethan talk about the pictures they are coloring. FBN is playing on the computer. John just informed me that he's getting a laundry basket to fold clothes. Josiah is in my lap, in and out of sleep.
Around the house ...
housework is sorely neglected right now while things are still so topsy-turvey. The tidying up, as I call it, is still under control, as is the laundry. The mopping, dusting, bathrooms, etc are bearing the brunt of the neglect. I really want to finish the shower curtain to try to help the poor bathroom, which is in a color transition right now.

One of my favorite things ...
the power of prayer.

A few plans for the rest of the week ...
Saturday we'll be going to my nephew's birthday party, who will be two! Typically I would be going to visitation tomorrow, but with a nursing baby, I'm taking a furlough from visitation for a while.

Here is picture thought I am sharing ...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stay-at-Home Mom

which, in my opinion, is not the same as a keeper at home. But that's a different post. I've talked to so many women who feel as if they are not accomplishing anything in life since they don't measure up to the world's standards of worth. I try to keep the attitude that, while I'm not getting a paycheck here, I'm laying up my treasures above where neither moth nor dust doth corrupt and where thieves do not break through nor steal.

Thirty reasons why I love being a stay-at-home mom!

  1. Mornings spent feeding the turtles at the pond.
  2. Laughing together at the ducks bullying the turtles.
  3. My refrigerator is covered in artwork...and the artwork is changed at least weekly.
  4. My daughter tells me several times a day, "Mommy, you're my best friend."
  5. Being thankful they dumped out the cereal box and not the syrup.
  6. Laughing at nothing...just for fun.
  7. The children have never asked, "Who am I staying with today?"
  8. When the kids are sick, they never inconvenience me or anyone else.
  9. Pretending to hunt for buffalo.
  10. Getting the whole park to ourselves...just my kids and me.
  11. Finding a lizard tail in my son's pocket. Think: it could have been the whole lizard!
  12. Watching the boys drag in old, wet, rotten wood to build a campfire.
  13. The entire front porch is decorated in chalk drawings.
  14. "Mom, can you play hopscotch with us?"
  15. My 6 and nearly 5 year old boys honestly know how to take care of a baby.
  16. Trying to make room for all 4 of them in my lap.
  17. Watching Daddy and the children fix stuff.
  18. "Mom, I want to be like Daddy when I grow up."
  19. Seeing the kids get to play in the water hose...everyday if they want (and if we can afford the higher water bill!)
  20. Our house isn't just a "house," it's a home and a haven.
  21. "Momma, can you make ________ for supper this week?"
  22. Flying kites.
  23. Morning and evening family devotions.
  24. Knowing that training, correction and discipline is being done the way we believe it should be done for our family.
  25. Seeing the kids do their chores without being told.
  26. Middle-of-the-living-room wrestling matches.
  27. When there is an opportunity to help my family, friends, or fellow church members, I also have the opportunity to teach my children the importance of helping others and being a servant.
  28. "Mom, can we all bake cookies together?"
  29. Kissing boo-boos.
  30. The joy that fills my heart when I get hugs and kisses for no reason at all, other than "I love you."
Any more you can add?